MacPaw SetApp Review on List of Apps Download, Pricing, Installs

Setapp subscription App service
The  world of technology has grown so much and whenever you think you’ve seen it all, new invention, initiative would spring up. If you have an Apple computer you should also have a subscription apps service: SETAPP.

What is Setapp?
It is a new service that has come from the hand of MacPaw, a company known for applications like Cleanmymac. It aims to revolutionize the way you buy applications for your Mac, going from buying to when you’re paying to use.

    SETAPP offers you a service of almost 100 applications (and each month, it will be adding new applications) for a monthly payment of 9.99 $. It’s the App Store competition. Instead of paying a lot of money for downloading a single application (program) on your computer, you pay a small amount for being able to use 100 applications in MacOS.

To summarize it all, it is a subscription-based app service, such as Netflix in series, Setapp in Mac applications. The flat rate of apps for Mac has arrived: Setapp Click

How does the Setapp Subscription app service work?
The truth is very simple, you only have to go to the website of SetApp and download your application for free. When downloading the application, it will create an application folder as if it were Mac in the launchpad, but if you want you can move it to the dock area to access it easier and faster.

The folder only includes shortcuts, so it occupies little space on your computer hard drive. The first time you click on one of the applications, you will see a brief description of it with some screenshots, as if it were the App store. If you then click “Open”, it will just like when you download the application on your computer, and you can use them as any other you have already installed.

You have 30 days of trial period. And once you pass this period, you start your monthly subscription of 9.99 $. There is no permanence, and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want, at any time.


What applications can you find in SetApp?
As I have said earlier, MacPew promises to continue updating the list and make it grow. At this time, you can find these applications among others:
Productivity: Alternate, blog, pdf squeezer, studies, TaskPaper, …
Utilities: Cleanmymac, Archivier, Gemini, WiFi Explorer, …
Developer tools: Base, CodeRunner, …
Finances: MoneyWiz, …
Design and photography: Pixa, Hype, Polarr …
Other: Disk drill, Numi, Forecast bar, …
They are always updated and with the latest version.

Pros and cons of the Setapp subscription service
In this world, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
While it is true that when you buy an app, it is forever and downloads on your computer, in the short term the payment is greater and not acceptable to all. But in the long term, it is amortized, and if you use the application regularly you will have paid a fixed price.

On the other hand, when paying for use, in the short term you pay a small amount compared to how much an application costs. In this way, it is more accessible to all. But in the long run, maybe you end up paying more. It is true that you may not use all the applications in SetApp, perhaps some that you don’t know they exist.

Here comes the time to make numbers: if all the applications you would like to have cost more than $120, then SETAPP is for you, because with the price, you can buy the subscription of a year, and in addition to the desired applications, you will have access to many more. And I’m sure many of them are useful to you.

Now, in my opinion (and for tastes, colors) if the application or applications you want do not cost more than $100, it is more economical to make a single payment for those you really want and you will use, and forget monthly payments.
You know I like to be very honest with you. I have to tell you that at first, I am very attentive to subscriptions, whether series and films, such as technologies, courses, etc.
I think it’s not so much money a month, that for €10 a month (sometimes even less) it’s worth it. I convince myself that I will use it, or that I really need it.

But then, (usually after talking to my partner) I think a lot of little ends up being a lot. And since I started using the Bobby application where I can see how much I spend monthly or yearly subscriptions that I have realized that all sum, and at the end of the month, is an important amount.

Do you like the idea of a flat application fee? Are you subscribed to many services? Make your voice known in the comment section!