Food Calorie Calculators to help Improve your Diet Plan

Healthy diets and lifestyles help live a long, healthy and happy life.

In most people, the budget and the costs of food mostly influence what and how people eat.

Like I always tell people, healthy foods are not costly, and everybody can improve their health through diets.

While carbohydrates are the main sources of energy, excess of it can be a burden to our health.

Today, we’ll be talking about how you can cut your carbs and balance your diets with web applications.


Calories Carb Prot Fat Counter

This app helps you to control your diet and manage your weight by tracking your carb intake, improving your diet and helping exercise tips.

You can easily cut your carbs within two weeks without starving yourself. It can serve as your diabetes carb counting app, and to manage your glucose level.

Since you can easily reduce your carb intake, you’ll be able to lose weight and put your blood sugar into a check.

This carb tracker app is free, however, to get the best from this app, taking the premium version which unlocks more features and removes in-app ads would be a better idea.



This is another resourceful site. Not really a carb counter app but there is much you can do with many of the programs.

You can estimate your body fat using the body fat percentage calculator. Simply enter your height, weight, age, and gender.

The results you get include your fat body mass (FBM), Lean body mass (LBM),  body fat percent and body classification.

It also has the Weight loss calculator which can help you to manage your diet and exercise routine effectively to reach your weight loss goals.
It also has food and cooking game for people to learn cooking, culinary arts, and hospitality-related businesses.


Calorie, Carb and Fat Counter

This app is a bit different from others because you can make a personalized diet plan based on your body properties, lifestyle, and goal.

Whether your goal is bodybuilding, weight loss or gain or just managing your weight, the app can be very helpful.


Not only meant to cut carbs, fats and protein are also tracked. You can add foods to the food catalog for review by their nutritionists.

The foods are also categorized based on the degree of the amount of their macro and micro-nutrients.

For example, you can select foods that are high or low in calories, protein, fat or carb.

Another feature of this app that I would like to mention is the percentage gauge of the nutrients in the foods you would like to include in your diet.

Probably, after consulting your dietician and you’ve been given the suitable percentage of protein, carb or fat that should be in your food, you can set it on the app to get the right diet.


Atkins Carb Tracker

It is a carb counter that has helped millions of people to regulate their carb intake by providing a rich diet plan with fewer carbohydrates.

Once you download and installed Atkins carb counter, you can begin to search for food recipes and Atkins products, fast foods and begin tracking.

Just set your program, get the nutrition value of your food and it becomes very easy to choose a suitable diet for your health and track your net carbs after daily after your engagement in exercises.

It also supports using a barcode scanner to scan the nutrition value of foods from their grocery and synchronization across phone devices.