Free Photos Advanced Search Engine Apps on Android & iPhone

PicFinder : is an image search ( finder) app developed by SOFTDX in Korea. It enable you to simply plug into the saved images on the web. Once you have an internet facility, you can use the app to find pictures and images with specific size or based on custom parameters such as “Similar Picture” or images with “Color Match” which you will be able to download to your android directly from the map to get access to hundred of millions of images on the web.

The app is plugged to the Google image directory which gives you the access to all the crawled images online by Google image search engine. You’re powered with the app to filter your image search. The app size is very light with 3 Megabytes and over one million installs from Google play store.

Image Search App: This is another image finder mobile app offered by Giago software ltd in London, united kingdom. It allows you to supply search photos crawled by Google search tool, saved photos on Picasa photo directory, Yahoo flickr picture gallery and Imgur photos which you can download for use freely.

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The app has a cache-like feature that could record your activities in her memory and suggest the keywords for you when you’re searching for a particular image and it would also save your search terms in case you want to repeat the search in the future and also, the image searches made on Google search engine in different countries would be displayed and you can now see the trend; this is very good for webmasters to know the images that are searched most and to get prepared to optimize the images on their blog/website in order to pull Google image search traffic to their website.

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Other features of image search is the ability to browse different images directly from photo sharing sites and directory and upload them even from various directories at a time such as Twitpic, Flicker, Google own service, Picasa and Imgur which are the most popular image search sites and you can download them for use on your phone.

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Image search is well designed with stylish user interface and zooming functionalities etc. The app can also be used to search for people (especially celebrities), event, places etc with description of the image/photo and also where they’re published on the internet.