Car Finder Apps to Buy & Sell New or Used Cars Online

Finding and buying cars, either new or used ones in Europe has not been good like this before, with a car sales app you can download on your android devices to search for cheap used vehicles in Canada, America, UK,, etc online and get them shipped and delivered to your doorstep.

One of the best places to buy and sell cars as an individual or dealer is online as more people now search for cheap used cars they can buy from private owners and also from dealers; this has given birth to car directories where you can search the specs and features, use some car search engine websites to find used motor cars listed for sale at dealerships near you.

While it may be stressful to get the best online car buying sites from the list of used car websites published by bloggers, the following mobile applications aggregate trusted dealerships, provide tips for buying a used car, and what to look for when buying a car and guide to get reliable cars. car search app is one of the best car search engine apps that’s used to find the best place to buy used cars from private sellers and dealers. The car search app helps you find cars for sale by owners near you so you get the best place to purchase used cars and new ones.

It has the advantage of using a filter while searching vehicles either new or used in their car directory. It’s a dealer automobile search app that make it simply possible to check the fleet of cars directly on the app before making any deal. If you’re also thinking of how to buy a car online without a dealer, think and it’s not more a business of Carmax (The US largest used car retailer) only.

There’s no need for any motorcar inventory software or app, as dealers can manage their inventory on the app and searchers, can search on the car dealership inventory and also get detailed information on the car dealers such as their operation hours, their location, and some terms and conditions to ensure you’re making a good car deal.

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Before you purchase your dream car, use this app as a guide to find tips on the car models, the pros and cons, and juxtapose different new and used car listing with their prices to get the best result that suit your car budget.

A friend once complained of a dealership who sold him a bad car and seeking what to do. While I suggest he should get a good lawyer and sue the car dealership for lying, the best approach is not to have made the mistake of getting into a dealership problem.

The new extensive car filter search also powered you to filter by categories where you can set some parameters like the car color, the year it’s manufactured, the number of doors, listing date on the app, fuel consumption capacity, transmission, and the general car power; some dealers also provide money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the car functions after making a purchase or get some discount and special offers.

To have a good experience in making either your local car search, Midwest car search, or specifically USA cars like ford cars, continental cars, Lincoln, or any luxury car, you can get the right reviews from experts in the’s team or the car dealers once you sign up.

You can also choose your favorite car brand and model and save them which you can access on the app or their website. The independent car reviews gotten online had been impressive and we also recommend reviews from Edmund, parkers, and honest John car reviews in the UK.

Although some dealers may suck big time and the reliability of the reviews may not be too high due to paid and influenced reviews online but car app is a nice one with 4,000,000+ installs from the Google play store alone.

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Once you’ve chosen the car you want to buy, send an email directly from the app to the dealer and other private car Sellers to ensure the car is available and to schedule the day and time to go and assess the car.

If you have a problem with your car, you want a good car maintenance service or you want to change some parts, the app provides information on car repair shops near to you with pocket-friendly prices. The search app is 6.7 megabytes in size and requires at least an android 4.2 version for a successful installation.

Cars India search app
Are you buying your first car in India and you want to get tips on the best month of the year and time to buy your new vehicle, either a small car or truck, Cars India search app is another free car search app for these, developed by Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd., an infotech and software development company founded in 2007 in India.

The app is not only a car search engine but a platform for car dealers, private car sellers, and individual buyers to meet. It’s one of the best India auto portals managed by Girnar software subsidiary, Cardekho. 

The car dealer mobile app enables you to search for new cars of different brands and models, and compare the car models side by side in terms of car quality, durability, price ( under 6 and 8 lakhs), and car components to get the best result before making a decision on your car purchase. It also provides details on the prices of listed cars elsewhere within your geographical location to know if you would get value for your money if you go for it.

Some of the things you can do are, checking the dealers’ information such as location and terms &  conditions, car interior qualities and accessories, features and specifications, quality and honest reviews and ratings by other experts, and pictures covering different sides of the car and sometimes video for more clarity.

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Once you’re satisfied with the car’s qualities, you can mail the dealer to schedule a date for you to test drive the car to check if everything is in order and whether the specs being shown on the app are true. There are some things you need to check and inspect in the car, especially in the engine and the list can not be written in just a few lines here (we will cover that in other posts).

Some car dealers can also sell clean used cars to you or buy directly from a private seller. You can as well sell your car online free and fast once you sign up for an account, upload the pictures of the car and provide all relevant information you think would be necessary for the buyer to show interest.

After that, the app would link you up whenever there’s an interested buyer.

Car brands such as Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, and Honda are very common and there are also top and most reliable car brands in the world you can easily get on the app.

However, as a buyer, you need to know your rights when buying a used car from a dealer, get a warranty if possible, and ask if you can return a car a few days after purchase.

The reviews from other users have been impressive most especially the simple user interface which brings a good user experience.

The app only requires an android 4.0 version upward for a successful installation and it has recorded over 3,000,000 after it was launched this year. It’s the best choice for Indians to search for new and used cars to be purchased.