Google Opinion Reward App: Get Survey Jobs, Rates and Earn

How to earn money from survey jobs

One of the most popular phrases and question online is “How to make money online” and its variations.

Almost every internet user has once searched or asked how money can be made online and we’re being fed with news, stories, and testimonials about how a huge amount of money is made with the so-called proof.

However, no successful internet businessman can be bold enough to admit how easy it is to make money just as the internet marketers have always opined.

There are several ways to make online and I won’t be just enough to mention a few I could remember now but one of the ways to make a few bucks online is to take part in online surveys.

It’s one of the online jobs you can do from home as a high school student or college student without any investment in most cases but finding the best survey sites that pay is not always easy.

The good news now is that Google, the internet giant is offering a legitimate part-time online job which involves taking part in surveys (Google Opinion Rewards) and you can earn money instantly once you’ve completed your job as you don’t need to wait to receive cash through the mail.

How to earn money from survey jobs

What is Google Opinion Reward App

Google opinion reward app enables you to be paid for taking surveys or redeem your reward with free google play credit which you can use to shop on Google products like apps, books, music, or movies but devices or accessories are excluded.

You’re not guaranteed to become rich with this job since you’ll be asked about once a week to answer a list of some questions and as a reward for answering the questions, your money is credited to your Google Play account.


How to get started

Go to the Google play store and install the app on your android device.

It also has an iOS app version but it’s not available in most countries for now its android app is used in more than 30 countries but if you’re in the US, you can install and use the app on your android or iPhone successfully.

Once installed, sign in with your Google account and you’ll get your first set of questions to test your abilities and understanding of the kind of questions that would be sent to you for answering.

After that, Google Opinion Reward will be sending short surveys from companies, mostly on the shopping experience and about just 10 questions which you don’t need to rack your brain as they’re based on experience and you can complete each set of surveys within few seconds.

Once completed, a few cents would be added to your account and the subsequent payments will be added to it once you’re ready to spend your cash on the Google play store, set your account as a payment method, and make your purchase.

However, on the iOS app, the payment per completed survey is higher and you can withdraw your earnings directly to your PayPal account once you’ve linked it to your play store account.


How to get more surveys and make more money with the App

If you’re in the US, you’re likely to make more money with Google Play Opinion rewards because we feel that you get more surveys from US market researchers on the iOS app and your responses would be more targeted to the researchers than questions from people outside the US. Also, some questions may be targeted and hence, higher rewards to the answerers.


Enable Location Service on your phone device

Google can identify your location and can better serve you with surveys that are location based or require answerers to talk about their traveling experience.

You can set your location by going to settings on your phone, tapping Location and set it On.

You can as well set your mode to High Accuracy in other to have a range of means of establishing your location, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile network.


Launching the App every day

There are speculations that you get more surveys if you’re always on standby to take surveys by launching the app often and not just reading from the notifications.

This is just speculation but Google from experience, Google always has undisclosed factors for serving ads and earning from any ads-related concept


Practice makes you be perfect

The more you answer questions, the more you have experience in taking the surveys and you’ll also get used to the app, thereby answering questions quicker.

In some reviews of users, they opined that if you spend less time completing the survey, Google notices this and probably ranks you, therefore, you get more surveys.

We can not disprove this since Google is into marketing and advertising.

How to find jobs online from home

Be just in taking the survey

If you think you’re asked to give your opinions and therefore pick answers blindly and are only interested in the accumulated dollars, my friend, Google will hit you at the back and reduce your rate per survey.

Don’t think Google won’t get to know. Their system is smarter than you most times; but if you’re faithful with the system and answer questions faster, your rate will increase gradually and you earn more.


Update your Google Opinion Reward App regularly

Updating the app to the latest version ensures you’re not left out. There may be changes to the survey distribution system and this may affect you negatively if you’re still on the old version.

You can update the app automatically by going to the Play Store, selecting Menu and tapping Auto-Update in your settings, and activating it. You can choose both WiFi and mobile network or WiFi only.


Effect of Yuletide Season

Christmas is one of the most celebrated anniversaries in the world and the fact that it’s towards the end of the year when business owners tend to flex their muscles in spending.

From local market to physical stores, Online stores, and financial market, there’s always growth and impulse of funds and that’s why you need to be well prepared to take more surveys during November/December period because there’s always a surge in online spending during this period.


Don’t Empty your Account

Once you start getting more surveys and your rewards keep on accumulating, you’ll always have the urge to spend it and just buy something.

This is good but doesn’t spend everything in your account. You can be easily dispirited with zero balance but easily do more to have more if you’re having a few cents or dollars in your account.

However, you can not keep your credit rewards for more than 12 months as they become void after twelve months and you’ll not be able to spend them again but I’m sure the money can’t be too much for you to spend; just make sure you use the app and redeem your rewards often.

Google has many products in its portfolio and several apps, and there are many ways Google has offered opportunities to online users to make money. I’m writing today and getting paid by Google for my passion to publish content.

If you’re still stuck in between the dream of making money online and the reality of those who live extravagant life with their online wealth, you can try the Google Opinion Reward and ignite your faith to make money online.