What do you Stand to Gain? Top Advantages of Migrating from Basic Web Hosting Plan to VPS account

For the average commerce website owner, when there’s spike in your website’s  traffic, your basic hosting account usually starts losing some of its shared resources.

Sue to this,  your hosting plan may not be able to meet the demands of your website to having the ideal user friendly site.

This may be the time to consider upgrading your site to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), reduce your site load time and the web pages load faster.

Once you’re ready, spend some time reading VPS web hosting setup tutorial or/and consult your web hosting company to help you migrate your account.

Actually, VPS hosting is very similar to a basic website hosting account.

The primary difference is that you have a stated set of physical resources to work with as part of your contract.

That changes the billing dynamic from one where a set of features that are available dictate how much you pay to how much your site is visited determines how much you pay.

If that is acceptable to your firm, then starting the upgrade process will likely be worth it.

Here are some other reasons to upgrade to a virtual Private server.


Better Server Usage

When you have a basic hosting account and you are trying to run custom software or servers, you might find that they do not load because of memory limits or they do not run because you don’t have the necessary permissions to install truly custom software packages.


When you get a VPS, one major right that you get as an account owner is full permission to do anything that you want with your website hosting storage facility.

You can put any kind of server or software in that storage and run it knowing that you will be able to completely control the permissions and security.  L

In addition to server permissions, your web hosting company should be able to provide you with some pre-packaged operating system environments that have configurations that are friendly to the leading cloud applications.

Most website vendors therefore offer instructions on how to download an operating system, image that has been configured and tested with several applications before being released.


Better applications 

Once you set up your operating system, you can move forward with installing and customizing your applications.

If you work with e-commerce and want any of the leading packages, you will find out quickly that you cannot run them on a basic account.

They require adjustable resources that normally only come with VPS accounts.

The best hosting vendors normally have a catalog that allows you to install applications directly on your basic account from their server.

And while you won’t find that type of feature being available for most VPS accounts, you will find out that, there are detailed instructions on how to download most primary applications and install them yourself in each operating system environment that the host offers.

Ultimately, if you want to run a sophisticated application like an ERP, you will need to use a VPS so that you have the resources and the security permissions that you need in order to make the application work for your co-workers or clients.


Stronger and Better  Security

With a basic website hosting account, you can normally increase security by adding applications and reconfiguring the environment.

But just as with applications, there are permissions and application limitations that make it so that you will need a VPS in order to create a secure environment.

In addition, although you can add security certificates when you have a shared hosting account, you can definitely cover more of your disk space with security when you have a VPS.

You can also use a wider variety of ssl certificates when you have a VPS hosting account.

If you are creating an ecommerce site, using vendors like Network Solutions can allow you to continue to access their payment processors, just as you can with a basic account.

One reason is that, capability can be a key factora to your business and, most VISA payments through e-commerce cost around 3 percent per transaction.

When you use an aggregator of payments like Network Solutions, your cost per transaction is closer to 1 percent.

Getting a VPS makes sense for a lot of companies that would like to customize their website using software that is not ‘shrink-wrapped’ cloud application-like.

The added capabilities and security features of most accounts make it possible to grow into an enterprise firm without having to worry about losing your IT infrastructure integrity.