Best Earthquake Warning Apps & Shake-resistant-proof Technologies in House Building

What is an Earthquake? The simple meaning of earthquake is, the shaking of the ground, which is caused by volcanic activities or movement around geologic faults due to compression in the earth’s crust. This is the simple definition about the basic facts of earthquake and why it happens.

Places where Earthquake is prominent!
Earthquake has been a subject of concern in some places like California, San Diego, Oklahoma, los Angeles, North ridge, Phoenix in USA and some other countries like Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nepal and many other countries.

Quake is one of the important natural disasters and shake has different types and causes but our focus today is on how to prepare for it before, during and after the tremor, read the signs of an earthquake that is about to happen, get predictions from storm forecasting authorities, safety tips to improve your preparedness if you’re in the areas that are inclined to tremblor and seismic activities.

How to prevent Earthquake by getting prepared
What’s the easy way to prevent earth shakes from destroying our building and properties, if not for getting early warning alert which is made possible today with mobile applications on your smartphone devices where you get preventive measures to plan early for these emergencies before struggling for survival after damage is done when you’re not prepared.

Earthquakes Tracker is one of the best android app for getting early warnings of earthquake in other to avoid it and it’s developed by DoubleR Software, an app development company located at Snagov, Ilfov, Romania. This app keeps monitoring earthquake possibility realtime and send alert so that you can know how to prepare for it and not finding what to do during an earthquake. Such emergencies could cost someone some values.

Earthquake Tracker collects data of seismic activities, those shaking signs and vibrations from their data center to analyze those volcanic activities, process the info and plot them on a chart which can be read realtime.

With United States Geological Survey (USGS), you can get earthquake alerts from this app in US and in other countries, showing the magnitude of the earthquake and the closeness to your location.

You can also read news on what to do in case of earthquake and how to survive it, signs to take note before, during and after shakes, what to do after an earthquake and where to go to get help during an earthquake. Also, you’re able to filter the notification system to be specific whether to get earthquake warnings from your locality alone or worldwide, enable either voice announcement or vibration.

My Earthquake Alerts is another earthquake detection app by Jake Ruston, an app developer in Netherlands. it’s a free and one of the best earthquake app to provide information on USGS earthquake, preventive measures during earthquake, how to prepare for an earthquake and safety tips on different ways to safeguard and protect your building against earthquakes.

My Earthquake Alerts app is Simple to customize earthquake message alert to get exactly what you want, check out storms on the map with exact distance to where you reside. This app has the data of when there was the largest, biggest and strongest earthquake ever recorded in history and the countries that had the worst and world famous recorded earthquake so you can easily find out some of the past volcanic eruptions that occurred in different parts of the world.

This can be used for a school project or as reference for any research. However, this app is likely to drain your battery capacity and we expect the developer to seriously work on this.

GeoNet is also a good earthquake warning app, taking after the name of the developer, GeoNet in New Zealand. You can quickly become a seismologist in New Zealand, knowing the shakes and earthquake vibration and their intensity in a well detailed style with this app.

You can also have access to GeoNet news updates and related news on earthquake in New Zealand. When people get report of any shake or likely quake, they can report to get people informed on the app and everyone can personalize his/her quake notification. This app may not be suitable for everyone as it can not notify you if there’s likely quake in other countries. However, you can share reports on online social media with friends.

Anti Earthquake Technologies in House Building Design

Now that we’ve talked about how you can avoid earthquakes and get prevention tips, it’s important to talk about technology advancement in preventing quakes. Experts have been working long ago to improve control measures, finding better way to prevent earthquakes from destroying our buildings in the future with resistant house building materials and technology.

The top 10 anti earthquake building design technologies are :

  • The Levitating Foundation
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Pendulum Power
  • Replaceable Fuses
  • Rocking Core-wall
  • Seismic Invisibility Cloak
  • Shape Memory Alloys
  • Carbon-fiber Wrap
  • Biomaterials
  • Cardboard Tubes

These anti earthquake technologies are now used in earthquake-resistant-proof house building structures in Japan, Nepal and in USA and some other places in other to prevent earthquake damage to our shelter from happening.