Restaurant Finder & Reservation Apps For Booking Food

Eat – Restaurant is one of the restaurant finder app developed by Eat, Inc.

This app is good for you if you’re in Dubai or Bahrain, making it easy to find restaurants to get a delicious and spicy meal as food menus of different restaurants are updated for you to make bookings directly on the app.

There are circumstances you need a meal in an emergency and you get worried to get the right meal for yourself, your girlfriend or your business associate.

Eat’s partnership with the best restaurants in the hub of your city enable you to get your hand on your favourite food( local or international dishes) any time of the day; either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Eat Restaurant app is connected to the booking system of the restaurants listed in the app, so, everything is made as if you’re making the order in the restaurant.

You can order food, get directions to the location of the restaurant on the map or simply search the restaurant by proximity to get fast delivery.

With new restaurants added almost every week, you can search for varieties of restaurants with parameters such as location, price tag, type of dish etc and if you’re not familiar with the location you’re and the fast food that can satisfy your food taste, just browse restaurants and get details before making bookings.

Restaurant finder applications

OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me.

This is a restaurant booking app by OpenTable. This is one of the Best free restaurant finder apps with more coverage in the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Francisco, USA, Ireland, Canada and so on. It’s my favourite app for ordering meals.

It has gained so much popularity with outstanding features and wide coverage of the best restaurants enlisted and synchronized with their booking system.

You don’t need any wait time if you’re not scheduling the time your meal would be delivered to you as you’ve got almost 40,000 restaurants across the globe waiting to get your meal on your table as fast as possible.

OpenTable is not left out in giving discounts and reward points on your order to get a cheaper meal.

Other things you can do with the OpenTable restaurant app are, adjusting your bookings, searching and finding restaurants by their price tag, location and size, sending notes to friends to invite them to OpenTable, rating their services and writing reviews of those restaurants for others to make choices.


TheFork- Restaurants Booking is a very hot restaurant finder app developed by LaFourchette / ElTenedor / TheFork in Paris, France.

It has thousands of restaurants from Spain, Rome, Switzerland, Belgium, France and some other places on the app where millions of users are making their bookings directly from the app.

The more different restaurants from different popular cities are updated, the more you can find restaurants to eat local dishes that taste really good.

TheFork covers a very wide base with so many countries having one or two of their popular restaurants in top cities enlisted. No matter the side of the world; whether Europe or Asia.

With TheFork, you can make your bookings free on the app while online and get confirmation details from the restaurant realtime without any delay, find restaurants in other countries like Turkey, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden when you go on a tour, vacation or assignment and you’re looking for a mean to get the best restaurant nearby.

Most people especially females love fun making in restaurants; so, make fun with your meal and post to their online community.

You can also write reviews and become active in the community to guide members in making the right choices using TheFork.

Do you love this app?, Download the latest version on the Google play store with over 4,000,000 installs already recorded.