Best Pregnancy Calendar Due Date Countdown Calculator Apps

Pregnancy and Baby Daily Tracker is a mobile app for monitoring pregnancy and counting days towards delivery; it was well developed by BabyCenter LLC in San Francisco, California and they’ve been into pregnancy care and women care for almost two decades, helping millions of pregnant women in USA and other parts of the world.

Pregnancy and baby tracker is one of the best, useful, trusted and popular parenting app recommended by top notch American companies. What this app does is to guide pregnant women with activities and ideas to help them nurture the foetus and knowledge on the developmental processes of the foetus.

The health tips you get as regards your pregnancy are reviewed and verified through research and surveys by a team of health experts from different subfield. You also have access to free pregnancy videos that guides you on your pregnancy and baby when you eventually give birth.

One of the most important aspect of nurturing the foetus to have an healthy growth is nutrition and diet of the pregnant woman. It is very important for the pregnant woman to know the appropriate diet and the right proportion in which she should take it, the suitable fruits to get vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and those she should avoid during pregnancy.

Therefore, Pregnancy and baby tracker provides information on a daily basis on food, nutrition, diet, suitable exercises for pregnant women, breastfeeding tips and how to prevent sicknesses that are relative to pregnancy. Not only that, you can also make friends and connect with other pregnant women, make enquiries, learn from one another and share feelings from the community of pregnant women.

It’s not a surprise that this app was highly rated by organizations like health line and New York Times, it’s one of the best and popular parenting app to help tracking pregnancy due date and it has been installed more that 30,000,000 times from play store. Funny enough, you can also get name suggestions for your baby to be.

Countdown Days App and Widget  is also a countdown app for android, developed by SMSROBOT LTD app developer in Ireland. It’s not specifically developed for pregnant women, it’s only a countdown app for events in which you can as well use it to track your pregnancy due date.

This app ensures you don’t miss any meeting, ceremony, wedding anniversary, religious program or any kind of event; just set the date for each program and the event tracker begins the countdown till the due date which calculate the hours and minutes left for you and the reminder would also notify you of the event you need to attend.

You can also track public holidays for the whole year, import events from other account like Facebook, backup you events and share on your social media accounts. It only requires android 2.3 or higher for its compatibility and it also works on other android phones seamlessly.

Pregnancy Tracker is an easy to use pregnancy countdown app developed by Everyday Health in New York. It performs just like pregnancy and daily baby tracker by providing news and information on healthy pregnancy and testimonial from other parents on a daily and weekly.

Pregnancy tracker also offer videos to help illustrate the developmental process of the foetus and your body reactions to the growth of the baby in your womb. You can also connect with other pregnant women having the same due date with you, share ideas, your experience and some other things. Also, there are groups with different interest and you can join the one that suits your interest as well.