How to spy on your Kids via Smartphone

How to protect your kids activities

Find My Kids –

Kid Tracker is a child monitoring app for android, iPhone, etc, developed by Family Safety Production app developer in San Francisco, California.

This child tracker enables you to locate the location of your children with GPS without wasting much time.

It’s not limited to children alone as you can locate any of your family members without asking him her.

Find my kids-Tracker would track lost/missing children as long as there’s an internet connection on his phone and the app is also installed.

You can set an alert to receive notification on the whereabouts of your children, such as when they get to school, when they get home or when they go out for gaming or anything.

This child protection app simply works by using GPS tracking System technology and satellite.

How to protect your kids activities

You only need to register the phone device ( Android, iPhone, iPad) of those you want to be tracking on your account via the developer’s website.

Then you need to invite them to the app so that you would be able to navigate their location on the app easily with the phone satellite.

Thinking of the best android app for child protection or child care finder app, Find my kids-Tracker is a trusted free child safety app.

The app will even tell you when your child’s phone battery capacity level is down or the phone is off so you don’t get pent up with bad feelings when you’re not able to connect with your child.

This child finder app can access your child’s location from the information it receives for the phone tower and locate the child’s position in real-time on the Map.

This makes its tracking very reliable and relatively accurate.

You can also view the locations of all the people you’re tracking their location from the map at a time.

You can download the latest version from the Google play store for your child’s safety on any android version not below 4.0.

You can use it in your workplace to know the arrival time and departure time of your workers, or during important meetings.


Find my Kids:

Child locator is another app for locating your children, developed by a Line App developer in Russia.

The app features and functionalities as the previous child’s tracker app are almost the same since this app can locate your child or anybody real time and tells your their location on the map.

It is the ideal app for parental care and safety and it has the potential to serve as your parental control application to keep monitoring your children’s movement.

It is your responsibility to make sure they don’t go beyond their limit as children.

You can set the geofence feature ( safe zone) to get an alert when your children go far than the places you expected.

This child locator app is simple to use with a nice app interface.

It shows updated information on the whereabouts of your children.

You’ll get information regarding the movement of your kid all day.

The last place he was if his phone is no more connected.

All these you do without him knowing. The parental mode and the features are packed therein.

This app can also record the sounds around where your child is located so you can easily guess what he’s doing over there.

It’s a very nice utility app and you can enjoy a free trial for some days before you decide to make a purchase of the app.