Free Download Best Medical Terminologies & Drugs Dictionary Apps

Taber’s Medical Dictionary is a medical/medicine mobile app built by Unbound Medicine inc. located at Charlottesville, Virginia. It tops our chart based on the good comments we aggregated from different app download websites and without any doubt, it’s one of the best medical dictionary apps you can get free and also pay for continuous use if you find it very useful.

You can get a preview of what the Taber’s dictionary has to offer you before making purchase to have full access to all the entries and once you make your purchase, you can begin to search for medical terms and meaning, nutrition requirements, medical therapies, medical symbols, medical abbreviations and acronyms, SI units and even diagnosis of different ailments.

You can also get medical information from their video entries, descriptive images, audio pronunciation of medical terms or download the whole database on your mobile phone or computer by simply log on to the app with your sign up details when you made purchase of their service.

Medical Dictionary of Diseases is also a useful medical app developed by Van Solutions. This app is a collection of human diseases and there meanings, health complications, body disorder and dysfunctions, their signs and symptoms, causes and medications.

Medical dictionary- disease app is free to download on any android phone and you do not need internet connection to search for health problems as it’s a sort of library or disease catalogue where everything are already listed with thousands of diseases (though, not enough) and drug prescription and information for various ailments.

Even though you can can get series of diagnosis, prognosis of potential disease that may result from health problem, preventive measures and treatment, you’re advised to abstain from self medication and not thinking you do not need to consult your physician. This medical app is only good and useful for getting informed and educated on your health management.

Medical dictionary, disease and drug app is most useful for health practitioners and students as it helps them to quickly make a search on medical implications without consulting books or running checks on PC. Download this app irrespective of the version of your android and quickly get updated when more diseases especially the trending ones are added to the medical encyclopedia.

Medical Terminologies is another health encyclopedia mobile app developed by Medical Group Soft app developer in Russia. Most of these medical terms are not really understood by common man unless you’re an health expert but you can easily find words and terms with their meanings in English language.

It’s a directory of names of all kinds of diseases ranging from cellular diseases, blood diseases, tissues and organs, their origin, suitable drugs to treat them and many more. It’s one of the free medical apps that covers wide scope in health science with over one hundred and fifty medical terms and diseases.

Download Medical Terminologies and start making searches related to medicine even when your internet facility is not enable and you don’t have to burn your memory space for keeping this app in your android as it does not take much space and does not drain your battery life also.

When diseases or terms are updated, you also get updated. Sending a term via email is also simple on this app but this feature would need improvement and we’re expecting that in the next update which may likely be next year.