How to make Free Photo ID Card Online

Would you like to create a photo ID card to upload on the website online as your proof of identity?

There are several applications for creating identity cards, you just have to know what you want.

Then, you can go for the right program that has the features you need in making your free ID  card online.

while this app may not be the best ID making app, it’s simple enough to simulate real identity cards.

Fake ID card, driver license generator

Fake ID generator App

To cover the app development cost, the developer run ads on this app just like million of apps in stores.

However, you can remove those ads by subscribing to the premium version at a little more than 1$.

You’ll also be able to use the advanced features of this application when you upgrade to the paid version.

The free Fake ID maker app should not be abused in using it to commit crime or fraud.

It is rather used to protect identity when you feel that your identity and data are not secured online.

The app can be used to participate in online surveys, registration, and profiling without revealing your true identity.


Fake ID maker is another application for making electronic identity cards.

The developer claimed they have a huge database of information on profiles.

Here, you don’t have to create your profile for the ID card.

The app will pull stored profiles from their server. You make use of the existing template to create your own profile.

The app will generate fake names, address, contact, and other data which you can now edit to match your real profile.

If you’re a student for example and want to apply for a student or school program online,  this can help.

This will help in making fake student’s photo identity cards.

You can make fake Tax ID, credit card no, phone number, and other information on identity cards.

You can as well generate a fake ID barcode, fake school ID, or fake address, this fake ID card generator for the pro would accomplish the task for you.

You can also filter your search while creating your fake identity profile if you don’t want the program to choose for you.

Doing this, you’ll be able to get relevant and corresponding details with your own real profile

For example, you can filter to select gender, location, age-range, and others

You can choose to generate a male or female name, choose the mail provider that you want in generating a fake email address. Also, whether you want a fake MasterCard or Visa, or American Express card number.

This is how easy it is now to create fake photo ID card,  student’s identity card, organization’s membership card, etc

To use this app, you can download it here


Another  Fake ID Generator app is the one developed by Christ-App in Texas, US.

The developer made a strong disclaimer that the app is strictly for entrainment and should not be taken for any legal action.

This app is just for creating a fake ID Card and the data you’ll get should not be taken seriously or used for the real deal.

It’s also a photo ID card generator in which you can select any photo and make an ID card for the identity.

Some even make fun with the app by creating ID cards for their pets.

It can create a like-ID card of a government ID card of all the states in the United States of America, create fake driver’s licenses for anyone in countries like the US, UK, Haiti, Canad, Bahamas, etc.


It can also generate other ID cards for fake organizations, school ID cards, and for businesses.

The app requires android 2.2 and above to download from Google play store and the apk version is also available for free download from Apk app directories.


Fake ID Generator App developed by Bug bytes Apps in California is also a nice fake ID card maker.

You can make Badges and ID card for your self or pets

The app enables you to enter your details which could be real or not.

That information includes photos and signature specimens for quick processing into a license or ID card which is editable and shareable with friends and loved ones.

The app is made just for fun and it requires Android 4.0 or higher to install from the play store with 1,500,000+ installs presently recorded and the app is lightweight with just 3.3 megabytes.

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