List of Mobile Education Apps for Teachers & Students

Education Apps for Teachers and Students

The following list of best mobile education apps are ideal for high school, college, and higher class students and teachers; good as reminders, setting tasks and tests, scheduling homework assignments, checking plagiarized content, managing class effectively, managing contents, and projects, and so on.


Nearpod App

What’s Nearpod? It’s a mobile educational app for teachers to create a digital lesson plan, and share it with students on their iPad, iPhones, and iPods to engage the students and make lessons interactive.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your phone, you will have to register and sign in to use the features.

Nearpod is free to download and you have access to the basic features in a silver package but if you want additional features and remove limits, you can subscribe to the Gold package.

Nearpod is an ideal e-learning software that engages school students as the teacher can create lessons, assignment questions, create online quizzes and polls, and text and video slides for students in real-time where the teacher would be able to guide them online and the students can as well follow the courses at their pace.

The teacher can ask questions and get replies from the students in real-time and the participation of other students can be viewed on the individual mobile phone device. If you’re a science student, get these science and engineering apps.

The school lessons become interactive as the students can participate actively in your explanations, there’s no problem of intimidation from the less intelligent students and people can learn better at their own pace.

Best mobile apps for teachers and students

Viper Plagiarism Checker

Viper is an anti-plagiarism app for checking plagiarized content online. Viper easily detect copied and pasted contents submitted by students as assignment and project work.

It can scan your device if the content matches with what you already have and also check if it’s available on the internet; posing threat to lazy students that like to be a copycat, and steal information from friends and online pages.

Once you register and get your user details, you can log in to the viper system and start checking any content for plagiarism.

The software is lightweight, easy to use, and fast responding. In case of detected match content, the lines are highlighted and sent to your email address. You can download viper on your windows computer for free.


Attendance Tracking Application

Attendance is a nice student time and attendance tracking software that can replace the school class attendance sheet and log; so also an employee attendance and vacation tracker on android, iPhone, and iPad.

The paper attendance record sheet for your school students in the class can be misplaced or lost sometimes but this free attendance tracking software can not be misplaced and the record is printable and you can always have the class attendance on hand with you any day and any time to keep track punctual students and absentees.

It helps you to manage administrative duties effectively in the class. Also, employee attendance records and meeting attendance sheets can be replaced with Attendance.

You can manage different classes, all in one place once you set the categories, and input the students’ names and data singularly.

This is the difficult aspect because it requires you to include specific data, names, and courses as well as upload photos, but once you’ve done all these, it’s a better alternative to paper attendance.


Toonoisy Decibel Meter App

Toonoisy is a free noise meter for classroom teachers to control too much noise in the class.

It is one of the best sound level meter apps to detect noise levels on your iPhone and Android, where it shows a graphic and alerts you with an alarm sound whenever the noise in the class exceeds a maximum decibel.

When the class noise gets too high, the background graphic changes to indicate that the noise level is beyond the acceptable level ideal for classroom teaching and the learning process.


If you’re faced with the task to decrease noise pollution, Toonoisy is good and effective in noise pollution management, especially for elementary school teachers.

Classroom teachers can modify the sensitivity of the app by using the sensitivity slider feature of toonoisy and it can be shown on the class interactive whiteboard with a VGA adapter from the iPad socket.

This is one of the methods of controlling noise pollution in the classroom.


Thinglink interactive Image App

Thinglink is an interactive picture app for both teachers and students to create interactive images, and upload photos from your android, iPhone, or any smartphone.

You can add some texts and videos, and also create polls. Thinglink is equipped with nice interactive tools to engage kids and make them learn fast with images and also show their understanding of a topic.

Thinglink is free, it only requires you to sign up and you can also download the Thinglink app on the Google play store and other app directories



The box is another education app for content management. It’s good for sharing content resources online. With the box app, you can edit your documents, view your files or save them in the cloud with about 10Gb cloud storage which you get freely.

If there are important heavy files like audio and video that you want to backup, you can back up those files and gain access to them on your iPad, or iPhone even while offline.

The box is used by millions of people and there are a hundred thousand companies using the box app for content management and productivity in the office.

Once the free 10GB is exhausted or you want to upgrade to a higher plan, you can subscribe to the pro plan with about 80 bucks annually and receive 100GB and a higher upload size of 5GB, meaning that, you will be able to upload the larger video file.

If you upgrade, the box is going to be charging you monthly, non-stop from your iTunes Account within 24 hours before the expiry time of your present package but you can turn off this auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase.

Box makes delivering tutorials to be interesting because you can share files with your students online instead of using USB pendrives, and sending mass emails.

Just create a folder for a specific topic, add instructions, comment on their activities, and the students can comment as well and you can synchronize the app to get live data.


Trello Task Management App

Trello app is a free project management application that’s flexible and easy to use to organize your team in project development.

It’s a virtual billboard that enables you to share ideas tasks and resources and it can be used for any type of task or project that involves members of a team to form synergy to achieve success.

Trello is one of the best task planning and management software. It has some features like boards, lists, and cards for an individual members of a team to track the progress of the project and contribute their quota.

The project serves as Board that you’ve just started working on and you assign members of the team that will control the activities like adding others, adding attachments, and launching conversations.

Furthermore, The List serves as categories or breakdown of the project tasks that you have to accomplish in progressive trends, and the Card is a minor task that’s mostly personal to members.

A card can be, adding comments, attaching images, files, adding members, labels, etc

Thinking of how to start an online newspaper for free, the app is a good choice to create your virtual newspaper sites.

It’s an app that made it easy to create your newspaper site, where you can curate content online.

Once you launch the app, click “create a paper” and fill in the details of the paper; like the title of the paper, topic, and the description, telling what the paper is all about. will now take you to the dashboard to select where you want to curate the content, if it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other sources and once you’ve made your selection, will download it for you, all in one place like a newspaper and you can customize your page, personalize the look and share your paper/page on your social network accounts. (sometimes misspelled as paperlee) can help students in researching and learning about a topic; although, there are some topics you may not find good content resources with but you can acquire skills in content curation.

This encourages self-learning as most school of thought to believe that students love to learn on their own and can perform better in learning with just a little guidance or influence. also prepare students on how to research on topics and get the best resources on your findings as you try different content sources on your topic to get the desired result.


Socrative teacher-and-student app

Socrative is a two-in-one education app that has the teacher version likewise the student version.

It’s a test app where students can accomplish some tasks given to them by the teacher.

The teacher can set questions in form of quizzes, yes/no type of questions, and option based questions in any educational grade and any subject area.

Socrative app (sometimes misspelled as socrotive, socartive and sacrative, etc) enhances students’ engagement in teaching and learning and improves class participation.

Both the Socrative app is free to download but the teacher would have to register, login, and set questions for students to answer the questions on their phone device or laptop and the results are displayed to the students

There are some activities the teacher can choose from, along with Exit Tickets to evaluate the students’ performance at the end of every lesson or test and each set of questions is saved for consideration or as a reference.

Socrative is undoubtedly a good alternative to weekly paper assessment tests in the classroom.


Animoto Video maker app

Animoto is an education mobile application to make videos with pictures, texts, and sounds in a very simple way.

If a Picture is more than a thousand and a motion picture is better, then a video is more than a million words.

We remember better, what we see than what we hear and it’s a valid fact that students learn better with videos.

As a teacher, you can create videos with this video clip app to spring up the interest of the student on the subject topic you want to teach by simply making pic into a video for them.

Animoto is free to download and you can benefit from the premium features if you upgrade to the premium versions where you have more music tracks to download.

Students can create their video slideshows within a few minutes. To learn a new language, you should not miss these professional language learning apps

Teenagers are safe to use them as it’s more of education than a social network, although they can share their video works with friends on social networks they can’t connect with them on both Animoto app and website.