How to learn Electrical Engineering online free on Apps

Learning electrical engineering online

Smartphones allow us to carry out all kinds of activities related to information processing anywhere, in the market today, we find thousands of applications of great utilities for professionals and students from different disciplines.

For the thousands of engineers and students of electronics who want to be mobile with their learning, we bring to you the top applications that you can not afford to miss on your mobile or tablet as an engineer, electronic technician, and student engineer.

The applications you see below allow you to take electronics everywhere, so you always have good support at the time of your work.

Learning electrical engineering online

1. Basic Electronic Engineering
Basic Electronics is an application that allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the components, makes an illustration of the mechanisms, and also informs you of the utility and their functions.


2. Electrodroid Pro
It is a powerful and complete compilation of the elementary operations that every electrical technician should know and you can learn on the go. You can download it here from their website.

Among the most important features, are the classic and typical calculations for the configuration of transistor, amplifier, operational, resistance, and some integrated circuits. It provides a complete list of the most used connectors in electronics.


3. Electronics Toolbox
It is prepared for technicians or engineering students, it helps you to calculate pic-type attenuators, LSR series, or parallel circuits, calculate figures on an RF amplifier.

Design and calculate radio antennas, filters bands, calculate RMS peak voltages among other things.


4. Every Circuit
This application is made for people who already have advanced knowledge in electronics, and with this powerful application, you can design and simulate Electronic circuits just like you do on your computer; not only that, you can also display waveforms, voltage, and current values.


5. DroidTesla Pro
It is a powerful electronic simulator very resourceful with thousands of electronic components that enable you to simulate circuits with a bipolar transistor, LEDs, capacitors, sources of alternating current or continuous, logical floodgates, and even circuits based on the NE 555. You can download it now


6. PICmicro Database
It is a complete base of PIC microcontrollers, it allows you to control the PIC or dsPIC features. The application has a special guide to download the datasheets directly from the Microchip web and also integrates easily with electro droid.


7. Arduinodroid
This is one of the most widespread and most adept development platforms and it is easy to manage and also has a huge list of accessories and documents.

It is possible to program the  Arduino card without having to be working on a terminal with traditional operating systems like Windows, Mac OS among others.

As for the programming language used, it is handled by the Arduino ID; the functions and advantages of this application are very useful when you’re programming your Arduino.