10 Best Computer Programming Games for Kids & Adults to Learn How to Code

Online games to learn Programming
Learning how to program is not so easy, it takes time and dedication to get good results, a basic requirement to achieve success in any area of endeavor

There are many methods that facilitate learning but perhaps one of the most effective is learning by playing, because it mixes fun, entertainment to get it to come in a simple way to knowledge.

In this article we collect ten free online games to learn how to program, a fun way to encourage you to start an in-depth training, which requires many hours, dedication and perseverance to master and know the basis of each specific language and also enter the professional market.

1. Codingame: Great platform video games to learn to program for free, modern and dynamic that allows to learn to children and older to program in more than 25 different languages, C, c. C, Groovy, Haskell, Java, Javascrpit, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Python3, VB, net and many more. The more knowledge the greater the degree of difficulty.

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2. Check it: This game is an excellent alternative to learn how to program in Python and JavaScript. Nice fun and modern. To unlock the various levels you will have to solve challenges using a complete online editor. The goal is to build a spacecraft and conquer others, for which you will gradually learn programming concepts.

3. Codecombat: Very entertaining for children to learn how to program in JavaScript, is simple and fun. To overcome the challenges you will put yourself in the skin of a magician, who must perform spells through programming language and increased complexity.

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4. Fightcodegame: This game mixes robotics to learn to program, you must outline a robot in JavaScript using an API, which allows you to execute actions, like shooting look for enemies or overcome difficulties. When your robbery is ready, the fun will come because you have the ability to fight robots created by other users.

5. Code.org: A well-known site that allows all interested parties to learn how to handle the programming logic by dragging and dropping blocks of action with famous cartoon characters. It is available in many languages.

6. Code Monkey: Through CodeMonkey’s teacher kit teachers can easily teach computer science performances and employ CofeeScript, students learn to code and then build their own games in HTML5.

7. Code Avengers: It is a payment platform and is extremely useful to learn how to program thanks to a variety of games to learn to program free in JavaScript, HTML or Python and others.

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8. The schema verse: This is a fun strategy experience in a space implemented in its entirety within a Postgre SQL database. You will be able to compete against other players and have in great learning code.

9. Cee bot: Playing you will have the opportunity to learn basic concepts of the most famous programming languages like. C++, C # or Java. After this basic shekel, the exercises will rise from difficulty, it is possible to practice with multiple variables and manage by choosing algorithms to move forward.

10. Python Challenge: Entertaining and of course very fun for you to learn Python, consists of 33 credits that are made to be solved only by Python lovers.