5 Best Computer Hardware Auto Diagnostics Tools/Apps to Run Free Tests

Diagnose your PC’s Hardware
The preventive and corrective maintenance of a computer is part of the whole life of the gadget and it is necessary for a good functioning of your computer system.

Preventive maintenance check is the one designed for the conservation of your computer by means of the revision and repair that guarantees its progress and reliability.

While the Corrective maintenance is that action taken to correct the observed defects and it also involves locating faults or defects which is going to affect the operation of your PC at early stage or otherwise and correcting them or fixing them immediately without aggravating to more problems on the PC.

When we make a repair in addition to the experience, it is necessary to have excellent tools that help us to identify the problem that the computer presents in a correct and fast way.

Using Software to diagnose and test the hardware of your PC is important and effective as long as you’re sure you’ve the best software programs at hand.

It is an excellent application to monitor your computer, with data of temperature, voltage and hard disk, with the ability to regulate the speed of the fans to avoid overheating and reduce the noise of your computer. Currently, SpeedFan is the best program to control the speed of your computer inbuilt fans, compatible with windows.

HD Tune Pro
HD Tune application allows you to verify the state of your computer hard disk by diagnosing the computer, identifies defective sectors, analyze the temperature of your computer whether it can mar the operation and also evaluate the computer operation speed, that is, how responsive your PC is to command and other fundamental aspects that the hard disk has effect in the proper working of your computer system.

This is an application designed to help you keep the good out of your computer hard disk drive. Your S.M.A.R.T technology will help preventing future computer disk errors so you can take the necessary steps in time before data loss is irreplaceable.

Prime95 application is used to test your computer processor with complicated mathematical calculations. As soon as Prime95 detects an error, the test will stop, you’ll know by the notifications icon, which will change immediately from green to red.

Prime95 is a much more sensitive application to help prevent critical failure and in the overclocking community, it is considered that ten hours of continuous calculation make a good result.


If you bought a graphics card and want to know its true capacity, authenticate it with FurMark. You will have the opportunity to know if you are able to run the games and programs you want or have installed on your computer. It has incredible options to know the true potential of your graphics card.

Monitor Test
Monitor Test is an application with eight different tests to measure and test the ability and clarity of your computer monitor screen, the resolution of the screen is automatically scanned. You will be able to measure geometry, convergence, stability, color, moire effect and other elements.