7 Best-Paying Most Popular Top Programming Languages Now

The need for programmers and other coding-related skills continues to increase, as the technology industry is growing rapidly. Making the right choice for coding and scheduling potentials is very important and it is up to the payment the companies make for your work.

Current employers are looking for talents that are very well informed, with programming languages, skills and appropriate education in this field. Android programmers and developers and data scientists are currently the most requested by organizations and enjoy the best wages.

There are also other programming languages like JavaScript, C++, Python and others that we’ll describe in this article that attract much payment.


7. Objective C
It is general-purpose, Smalltalk style object-oriented programming language to the C programming language and is widely used in Apple. Special for the development of Mac OS X applications.

6. Python
High level programming language used for general purpose programming. Technology giants like Google, Yahoo, along with NASA, PBS and Reddit use Python.

5. C++
It’s based on the C language. It has generic, object-oriented programming characteristics, large companies use this language.

4. C #
C Sharp is a modern, general-use, object-oriented programming language and developed by Microsoft. It is designed for the creation of software suitable for deployment in distributed environments.

3. javascript
C language should not be confused with Java. JavaScript is another high-level, popular, powerful, dynamic programming language. It is the most widely used programming language to create for professional-type Web sites.

Through JavaScript, you can add pop-up messages and use it as the basis of URNode.js , a server technology that among other things allows real-time communication.

2. Java
It is one of the most popular programming language in the world, designed to be portable, which means that it can be found on all platforms, operating systems and devices. It is used to develop all kinds of applications for Android, desktop app and video games.

1. SQL
SQL (structure query language) is a specific domain language and special purpose that is used in the programming and design of relational databases (RDSMS). Every big company dreams of having an excellent SQL programmer.

It is present in the highest technologies MySQL, postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL Server. Universities, hospitals, banks all require. If you want an excellent remuneration for your work, do not hesitate to study one or more of these programming languages.