Download Best Free GPS Route Tracker/ Finder Android Apps

GPS Route Finder is a GPS route tracker app developed by Bull App Studio. What the app simply does is to help you find better driving navigation and the easiest route you can employ to get to your destination as fast as possible. GPS Route Finder is the ideal app through which you can track any location in any part of the world from cities to streets.

Either you want truck route, car route or commercial route, the GPS route finder app would find just that for you; just browse any location and track the route or you choose the Nearby option to track locations and facilities around you such as nearby Hospitals, banks, School, Hotel, Restaurant, church and other places.

The app makes your Journey/ Travel very easy with comprehensive maps to find the route to tour with your car or walking route to calculate the amount of time it would require of you to get to destination no matter where you’re. You can simply input your take off location and where you’re going to to enable the app scan the locations and come out suggestion of the right route to make your journey faster and stress free.

GPS Driving Route is also a route finder developed by VirtualMaze app developer in chennai, India. Once you download and installed the free app, set the two points of your travel from your location to the place of destination and get detailed instructions on how to make your journey a safe and lovely one with voice navigation instructions.

This app is a complete location tracker app in which you can track the location of your friends and connect them provided they’re having internet connection on their phone, download the maps of the app and study it when you’re offline and less busy to find driving route and walking route.

Another secret of this GPS route tracker app lies in its power to drive your business and promote it to millions of potential clients without any cost when you add your business description on the app to let it appear on their inbuilt map which would be trackable by people searching for business and services related to yours. You can also offer coupons on your products and services on GPS driving route app and they get featured on the app to searchers.


In the last update made to GPS driving route, you can now take the snap shot of your Friend’s location on the, connect with them and share their location with your folks easily with improved app user interface. You can download the latest version 4.5 of the GPS route finder on any android not lower than 4.0 on play store and presently, the installs are over 4,000,000.

GPS Route Finder is also developed by Onex softech app developer in Hyderabad, India. It’s an app to track your own location and the places you loved, track easiest route to take while on vehicle journey or foot journey. Once you set the time period for the android GPS route tracker app, the app does the rest and use the mobile location tracker to monitor your movements which you’re going to get the report when the time elapses.

This is a very good location tracker app to monitor your children or anyone once you installed the app on their smartphone device that’s having internet connection enabled and you can get all to know all the places they visited (having the phone with them) on the history tab.

The android gps route tracker app is a very good location tracker that’s free to download but the developer needs to work to reduce ads as it gets one pissed off sometimes. With over 7,000,000 installs, it’s one of the GPS route apps that support android 2.3 for swift installation proper functioning.