Where to Learn Electrical Schematic & Symbol Online

How to learn schematic drawing and symbols

For those who love electronics, there is nothing better than finding websites that offer electronic project schemes, where you will be able to challenge yourself in building them and learning from your pleasant and awful experiences altogether along the line.

The assembly of electronic circuits is a task that is determined by the level of knowledge of the student or electronic engineer.

There are schemes that are made for people who start from basic electronics and some other tasks for professionals, who already have an advanced level in electronic engineering.

If you are looking for good places to learn and download interesting electronic circuit projects, the following websites are an excellent option for you.

How to learn schematic drawing and symbols


If you are passionate about electronics, but you are still an amateur, you will definitely fall in love with Sentex because it has web pages with hundreds of circuits for students and readers who want to take their first steps in the Construction of electronic projects.



Aaroncake is another excellent site that divides the electronic schemes into categories so you can choose the one that best fits your specialty. It is a page that frequently updates your electronic projects.

Free cicuit diagrams
This is a great platform to download electronic circuits free of charge, sound amplifiers, power supplies, electronic locks among others.

There are popular and interesting electronic circuits you can find on this page.

Electronic project
What insight do want to know what this website is all about, montages oriented to experimenters, amateur radios, and electronic technicians?

Even if you find the language strange, we consider it to be one of the best pages on this list. It is full of interesting and complete electronic circuit diagrams for all levels, from amateur to professional.

Electronics circuits
With a varied menu of electronic diagrams and the possibility of downloading everything, images, and files in PDF or Word; this is an excellent option for students in electronic engineering.

Every student or teacher of electronics should just attempt to visit this site. Pablin is a very traditional page with basic electronic circuits, aimed at strengthening knowledge through practice.

Many you know SlideShare website for the slide hosting it offers to all kinds of people to upload and share their slides in public or private presentations.