Best Video Calling Apps for Android on 2G/3G Networks

Free Video calling apps review

Making a video call is now becoming popular among smartphone users.

With the inauguration of faster mobile networks (3G and 4G) technology, video call has become near to one heart way to communicate mutually with some over mobile devices.

It enables one to oversee the particular person that you call. With your android phones, you can put a call through with a front-facing camera while on a 3G, 4G, or WiFi network.

Now, you can make a video call for free.

To make a causal video call into action, you need to download and install a video calling app on your iPhone or Android. The following are some of the best ad hoc video calling app for your smartphone.

Free Video calling apps review

Google has steadily situated its google hangouts application as its one focal informing and correspondences center point.

It’s presently the default messaging application for the new Android smartphones, and it likewise frames a basic part of the Google interpersonal network.

The mobile application has been through a somewhat bewildering exhibit of cycles on Android.

It hasn’t generally been especially natural, and it’s anything but difficult to see why – it serves an SMS application, emoji-substantial IM administration, and voice and video calling administration moved into one.

The present Android application, and also the more settled iOS Joints application, work entirely really well all things considered.

Go into a contact or message string and you’ll see the choice to start a video call – decent and straightforward.

Google’s desktop execution of this application is somewhat diverse to different administrations.

There is a center Home bases center, however, it’s quite futile, and you likely won’t try utilizing it.

That is because Google has given access to Home bases in your Gmail and Google web accounts, stashed discretely however obviously in their particular sidebars. With the hangout  and Google pages, it’s a little matter to begin a video calling, while they likewise permit you to welcome various contacts to a video hangout


Apple’s video calling application, facetime to the video calling circle was commonly Apple – late to the table and restricted in usefulness, yet ludicrously instinctive and rock strong in its execution. There are no desktop or 3G or voice-over IPs.

These days, it’s opened out on every one of these fronts separated from the way that it can even now just be delighted in iOS and OS X gear operating systems.

The android application is sufficiently fresh, however, you’re much more inclined to just start a FaceTime call straight from your contact page – and that is the administration’s actual magnificence.

It’s more instinctive and coordinated into your android over any alternates on this rundown. It’s additionally the most selective video calling app.

Like the mobile ( Android, iPhone, etc) application, FaceTime for desktop languishes over its absence of cross-stage combination.

Truth be told, it seemingly endures much more given the proceeded with the commonness of Windows, and especially with Microsoft’s own particular Skype application keeping on characterizing video calling to numerous individuals.

Still, for Macintosh proprietors, there’s no denying that FaceTime is the least complex of the parcel to utilize.

It offers a straightforward perspective of your face and a rundown of contacts and is unrestricted by diverting informing administrations (which Apple keeps well independent).

If you live in a universe of loved ones who all or even, for the most part, own Apple rigging, it’s the undeniable decision here. On the off chance that, as is likely, you don’t, it’s essentially insufficient. Not without anyone else’s input at any rate.