Web Hosting Experience with Web4Africa & WebHostingNinja

web hosting experience with web4africa

In today’s information age of marketing and web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to their entire business’ – Marcus Sheridan.

Irrespective of your business industry, whether you’re into service or products, consumable or not, targeting young or old, targeting Africa, Europe, America or Asia, small or large scale, it’s no more a necessity to have an online presence but a must part of your business establishment.

To put your business online, you’d need to get a domain name that is a good fit for your business and hosting account to manage your content.

This may seem easy to do but getting into the wrong hand can cost you much more pain than you can ever imagine.

I remembered when I wanted to host my first website over a decade ago, I read from different review sites for weeks and even got confused as there’s a bad review for every hosting company as much as we have good reviews.

Some of the bad reviews and good ones are sponsored while some people leave good or bad reviews out of ignorance and sentiments.

web hosting experience with web4africa

The one I used then to host my forum- naijasoil was web4Africa and this was just like making a trial.

Putting up the account, selecting the hosting type, making the payment all went smoothly and most questions I asked whenever I’m into trouble were answered within 24 hours.

Being a noob in website development, I encountered several problems that I admitted and which are out of the scope of the hosting company.

This many newbies would blame their hosting company and start writing a negative review. In fact, my first paid hosted site was live for just three months.

Unknowingly, I paid for three months while I should have paid for six months since that was my plan.

When it’s almost three months, I got an email from the hosting provider that I should renew my package in order to keep enjoying the service.

Receiving this e-mail, I got tensed up and fire back with an annoying email. I couldn’t believe I’ve just subscribed for three months until proof was sent that I’ve actually subscribed and paid for three months hosting pack.

Even before closing my account, I’ve been battling with spammers from India and Nepal as they dominated my forum, posting pharma and porn-related post, huge banners that consume many bandwidths and I’m almost losing control over them at that time.

This made me to withdraw my interest in making a business website and went into stock trading.

After some years, I set up another site but hosted them with Google-free hosting – Blogspot.

Choosing custom hosting is another tough decision to make as there are also different conflicting reviews as to whether Blogspot is better than WordPress or vice versa.

After deep thought, I agreed to launch a WordPress website, and the question of which hosting company is a good fit arose again.


How do I find my hosting Company?

While I was thinking of a not too expensive hosting provider with good service and reasonable uptime, I was not planning to settle with a damn cheap crappy hosting company.

Fortunately, I was just reading blackhatworld forum homepage and saw webhostingninja giving an 80% discount on hosting to forum members.

I’ve gotten many opportunities from this forum and benefited from several giveaways and freebies and having confidence that moderation there is good.

I quickly went ahead to read reviews on their performance and was satisfied to go ahead and register an account.

Similarly, I was pleased with what people say about Namesilo and Namecheap and decided to transfer my domains from Godaddy to Namesilo.

Thereafter, I registered more domains from Namecheap and never had any problems with these companies ever since I started using their service.


Why this hosting company is chosen

Many would agree with me that the best way to know a good host is to try their service and have personal experience.

Many webmasters only got to know well-performing website hosting provider after using their server since reviews are just not reliable.

While I was enticed by the jaw-dropping discount, and good reviews online, I only just want to roll the dice and take a risk. I dunno if things will end up well or not.


What’s the experience like

Having some of my sites being hosted with them is nice, although I experienced some series of downtimes and the team always stand up to make sure everything is fixed in up timely.

The downside here is that notice is not always given whenever there’s a maintenance check or other issues with the server.

If there’s anything I would like them to improve on, it should be, giving notice whenever there’s an issue.

While I’m pleased with the provider, I’d like to move my server to the US in the future as it’s currently in Canada and having it hosted in the US means I could get a better rank in SERP and get more US traffic.



This article is courtesy of Top5hosting and this information would be used to prepare a reliable review on their website since the data to be collected are gotten from reliable sources.