How to Retrieve Lost Data like Photos, Videos, Music Files from Android without Root & PC

In as much as backing up your android phone is important, how to back up the files on your android fully on a secure storage device is much importance.

Sometimes, the location you store your android phone files like camera images, videos, documents and music might be under more threat than the one which the data was stored initially.

Other times, we forget to or simply don’t backup every important information.

We may even mistakenly loose or delete our files before the next scheduled backup.

Now, you can backup your android phone internal memory to google account and save them in google drive if you don’t want to clump your computer memory.

You can as well save your gallery photos, videos and other files.

This is where Dr. fone  softwares come to play. Since Dr Fone is one of the most  popular, if not the most popular software to recover deleted files like texts, contacts, music, video and pictures.

How to recover data especially gallery  pictures with this will be the focus of this post.

This phone data recovery software is offered by an Hongkong based firm, Wondershare.

The basic requirements for this operation is a working PC or computer, a USB cord and an android device, prefarably rooted android phone even though it’s not compulsory.

The first step is of course to download the software from their website or any other trusted source, Google can be your friend here.

Once this is downloaded, installation should follow almost immediately. After installation and launching, you will be prompted to connect your phone to the PC usually via the USB cable.

Now, before you do this, endeavor to check Wondershare’s website to verify their software’s support for your phone because it doesn’t work on all devices, they have a list of devices they support on there official website.

After all of these are done, then you should invariably be ready to connect.

Once you’re connected, and another prompt will be shown to you to enable USB debugging in the ‘Developer options‘ under your phone’s setting, the software is also kind in showing to enable and where this option is likely located depending on what version of android phone you’re using.

After activating the debugging, reconnect the cable and this time your device should be detected.

Click on ‘START’ to trigger the scanning process and wait till completion.

For rooted devices , of course super user permissions should be granted before scanning.

Once scanning is finished, the software display lists of recoverable files including those of pictures, depending on how long a photo was deleted before the process.

Some adroit photos can’t be recovered, So, taking action as prompt as possible after deletion might just increase your chances of restoring that critical picture of yours.

On displaying, you can now mark and click the ‘RECOVER’ button to retrieve them.

The steps are pretty easy and brief too but it’s adviced that your phone (phone battery) is charged upto more than 30% before embarking on this to ensure a full scan and that you don’t interrupt while the scan is in progress.

If the above procedures were followed adequately then failure to recover the most recently deleted photos should be the most unlikely outcome.

Another one that can almost equally serve this precious need is the Mobikin doctor for android.

recovery process here is pretty much the same as Dr Fone. It also supports a fair range of smartphone brands like Samsung, Sony, LG among few others.

To recover your deleted files from android phone data from, of course USB debugging needs to be checked or activated.

You’re also advised to backup your current data on the device to the computer because there is a slim chance of data loss due to some errors in the whole process.

To enable USB debugging, go to your phone’s settings and then look for ‘Developer options‘ ; you will definitely see the ‘USB debugging’ CHECK BOX; just check or toggle it on.

But in case your device is brand new or you recently restored your phone to the stock settings then this ‘Developer options’ is usually not active or existing , all you need do is to go again to settings and locate the ‘about phone’ option while there,scroll to and tap the ‘build number’ five to seven times depending on your phone type and this should appear now.

After the debugging issue is sorted out you can now connect your phone to the computer of course after the software is launched.

The program detects and scans your phone and on display ,after the scan,will be retrievable photos among other files like contacts, videos, music etc.

You can preview any of them before clicking restore button which may be represented by an ‘OK’ or ‘RECOVER’ button
Your phone should be well charged and allow the scan to finish.