Download Cardiograph Heart Beat Rate Monitor/Tracker App

Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter is an android fitness app rate monitor developed by Bulgarian app developer, MacroPinch. It’s an accurate heart rate monitor app, not meant to be used or relied upon by cardiologist or cardiographer but for individual who don’t want to walk to physician, visit hospital or clinic everyday.

You can get your heart rate readings without using any special heart monitor device, only using your android sensor to detect external stimulus. Since your internal heart beat can be felt on your chest, you’re able to monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day without any Bluetooth device, keeping a life watch monitoring your heart rate using your android, iPhone or any smartphone.

Cardiograph heart rate meter is one of the best heart rate monitor app that can be used by every member of the family; either it’s baby heart rate monitoring or the aged in the family. Simply create account for individual, check their heart beat rate and record readings immediately which would be saved on history log of the person’s account on the app.

You’re strictly advised not to rely on mobile apps that could be used for medical purpose including cardiograph as it sometimes malfunction and can cause unstable emotions resulting to psychological problems when ambiguous results are shown. This free heart rate monitor also comes with ads display but the clean intuitive app interface is given credit by over 5,000,000 people that’ve installed it from play store.

Unique Heart Rate Monitor is a free life watch heart monitor developed by Meet Your Need Production app developer. The concept is still the same, reading your heart beat by putting your finger tip on the camera sensor, making sure flash LED is enabled and the environment is not dark.

For those who need to check their heart beat rate as recommended from their physician or family doctor, you may not need to rely on this app even though it’s tested and relatively accurate most times as it measured the heart rate from the information gotten from the blood analysis on the finger tip.