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RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This is an android calculator app developed by Quartic Software app developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

It is categorized as a productivity app that replicates the functions of your real handleable scientific calculator and it has almost all the features of the scientific calculator.

One of the things I love about scientific calculators when I was in high school is that it has a memory that can keep saving some data for a very reasonable period.

RealCalc calculator is also good to keep histories and could save your result for some time before it would be lost in the memory.

Best scientific calculator apps on android and iphones

The app comes with the free version which has limited scientific calculation features such as fractions, constant, binary calculation, decimal, conversion of units and you could purchase the premium version (RealCalc +) with a token to benefit from all the advanced calculator features.

RealCalc scientific calculator is undoubtedly one of the most popular scientific calculator apps by the number of downloads across app directories with over 25,000,000 installs in Google play store, leading Google personally developed calculator app in the list. In mobile apps.


Scientific Calculator, built by roaming squirrel in Taipei City, Taiwan is an android calculator with like features to a real scientific calculator like Casio.

The functions of the calculator are categorized into categories, making it very easy to be used by anyone as you just have to switch to the mode that has all the features you need to make your calculations.

You can use the basic model for basic arithmetic while switching to scientific Mode enable you to activate some feature to Carry out advanced calculations.

In the Programmer Mode, Binary calculation, Decimal related calculations, polygon etc; Quick Formulas Mode is where you learn and memorize formulas.

Other modes are Converter, Matrices, Graphing, Equation Solver, Financial, Calculus, Time Calculator and some other modes and reference notes. You can download the latest version on your android 4.0 and above or any other smartphone like iPhone, iPad.


Calculator Plus Free is a US app by Digitalchemy, LLC. This app and some other calculator apps mentioned have watched down the importance of handheld scientific calculators. Gone are the days when your office table is full of several electronics.

With the Calculator Plus Free app, you don’t have any time to feel worried when you need to make calculations and your calculator is not near to you.

Simply download this app on your android, iPhone, iPad or others from their respective stores, launch it and begin saving your time.

This scientific calculator could run underground while you’re busy doing other things and you don’t lose your input or calculations as long as your phone is on, edit your input while typing in case you make a mistake and switch between simple and advanced mode on the app.

One of the outstanding functions of this app is History Tracker that enables you to recall past calculations; meaning that you’re not lost if you forget past calculations and results.

Are you Interested in this scientific calculator, you can get it free from the app store and you should note that the developer runs ads to support this project and to keep it updated.

However, if you want to remove the ads, you can purchase the app directly from the app.