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Sparkpeople calorie counter features

SparkPeople App

Calories Counter and Diet Tracker is a health/fitness app developed by a SparkPeople app developer in Ohio, US.

For those who think they’re overweight or obese and want to burn some calories in their body, the Calories counter and diet app is a good mobile app on android to enable you to track your food, keep your fitness level, and enhance your all-around health.


Features of the SparkPeople App

Once you installed the app on your smartphone, you have access to millions of different kinds of foods that have been tracked to measure the calories, fat, cholesterol, and other nutrients in them.

This enables the app to quickly recognize your diet and predict the amount of calories intake from your diet and prescribe a better diet to improve your health, manage diabetes and achieve your weight loss goal.

SparkPeople Calories Counter App has the features to count calories, and track fats, protein, cholesterol, macros, microelements, and carb in foods (with barcode scanning included) with detailed, descriptive, and illustrative charts.

Sparkpeople calorie counter features

It also recommends an exercise regimen to enable you to live healthier, happier, and more active.

The app has been useful to many Americans across the globe to lose weight within a short time.

SparkPeople calories counting app is also integrated with SparkPeople food recipes to help you find a healthy diet and food recipes to help you eat better, and become healthier without any additional weight.

You’re also equipped with health and fitness articles from their eBook library, videos, and journals on diet and fitness.

This helps you to understand the importance of exercise and diet in healthy living, preventing diseases, and maintaining fitness.

You don’t only benefit from the calorie calculator, you can also track your exercises to see how effective they’re in maintaining strength fitness and cardio-respiratory fitness.

You can also get so many exercise recommendations with demonstrations done by exercise specialists and gymnasts.

The app connects you to SparkPeople website so that your logs and data would be secured on your phone with automatic backup.

You can connect with other members to get support from their community, and also connect with other popular calorie counter apps and devices like Gamin Tracker, Fitbit, Misfit, etc for synergy of fitness approaches towards achieving a healthy weight.

One of the challenges of those that want to lose weight is inconsistency in the practices recommended to achieve their goal as they soon start relenting in exercises and changing their diets.

Daily weigh-in of SparkPeople calories and diet app will track your daily progress in adjusting your weight and ensure you’re not adding extra pounds.

To make a complete app and free your mind from the burden of losing weight, you’ve got a health game called SparkPoints to learn new things to help you attain a good fitness level, and earn virtual rewards and trophies for your achievement.

With millions of downloads recorded for this free app, I would love to see more updates in the coming months.  However, you can support the developer and also remove ads for $5.