Jpg to Excel Converter online free download

Image-To-Excel-Converter is an image to excel converter app developed by a team of developers at Cometdocs.

In constant need to fulfill customers’ needs, Cometdocs started to develop mobile apps for android and iOS phones which include converter apps.

This is to make their document conversion services expand across both desktop computer users and to users of mobile devices, image to Excel converter app was developed.

Cometdocs listen to customers’ needs and for that reason has transferred its powerful conversion technology to mobile devices as they give innovative solutions when it comes to document management and the possibility to convert from a wide range of one file format to another one.

Some of the tools for file conversion are PDF to word converter, PDF to Excel Converter, PDF to HTML Converter, PDF to PowerPoint converter, publisher to PDF Converter, Excel to PDF converter, word to PDF Converter, and this image to excel converter app we’re talking about; just to mention a few.

Image To Excel Converter App accurately transforms images into editable Microsoft ( MS) Excel spreadsheets with their advanced OCR engines which simplify the process right on your android, iPhone or iPad.

It works simply by converting any image/photo on a paper document, such as invoice, receipt, inventory, report or any other tabular document into a modifiable spreadsheet.

It also made it simple to convert old photos from your smartphones or tablets and screenshots as well.

Image to Excel converter app takes out the pain in scanning an image with a barcode scanner and later convert the data to a spreadsheet, and can that be edited on Excel editor.

Image to excel converter app simply works by sending the image file you want to convert to comedocs’ server where the conversion will take place in order to save time, internet data charges by your service provider and to save your battery energy too; which make it different from other conversion apps that tend to drain phone battery.

Once the file is successfully converted, it’s transferred back to the app swiftly in xlsx file format and well optimized for a quick view.

There’s no subscription or restrictions to the use of the app as you have access to all the features of the app; convert photos having Rows and columns completely and efficiently, convert both small and large-sized files.

Image to Excel Converter app is very handy whenever there’s a need to make some changes to the documents.

Whether you have some new calculations that should be imported, or some statistics that are not valid anymore and they need to be deleted; This app will do that annoying work for you and there’s no need to retype all data manually.

At first, Image to Excel reminds of a scanner app, but actually it isn’t.

It would be an improved version of a scanner since scans are usually uneditable and here you can directly work on your converted files.

All in all, if you deal with a large amount of data, both paper and electronic, then Image to Excel Converter app will save your time and help you get the job done faster and smarter.

The app is less than 3 megabytes, which does not take too much disk space or slow down your phone operation and can be used on any smartphone.