Latest Innovation Software & Apps with Artificial Intelligence Technology

The technology is the set of knowledge and techniques that are applied in a logical and orderly way, allowing the human being to modify its material or virtual environment to satisfy its needs.

The technology field grows exponentially and we are often surprised with innovative ideas embodied in technological mechanisms.

Software developers occupy a very important place within the technological field and each year, the most creative ideas for this year are highlighted and these are the 6 most innovative software.

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1. Microsoft Skype Translator
The internet connects us all but the good thing is that, if we can not understand each other, the translator based on artificial intelligence of Skype is our Tower of Babel digital.

It allows us to talk to anyone, anywhere, regardless of our differences which is made available on Windows at the end of 2015.

The translator uses layers of auto-learning algorithms. When a user speaks, he parses the words and transcribes them in text regardless of the language. Callers can receive audio in eight languages and view transcripts over 50.

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2. Google Daydream Labs, virtual reality creation in VR
Daydream Labs allows developers to animate and build virtual reality, but for the first time within virtual reality itself.

Thanks to this technology as it is made possible to interact, socialize, offer feedback, and use the handheld controllers to create virtual objects that are raised around them.

3. Intelligentx Brewing Company. The first master brewer AI
Humans have brewed beer for millennia and Intelligentx Brewing Company believes that artificial intelligence should take a picture.


Your learning algorithm reads beer recipes like any other brewer. But he also learns from you.

After taking one of the four beer styles, he tells a bot on Facebook Messenger what you really like, I don’t like or want more and the AI uses its comments to prepare the next batch. More data, better beer.


4. Encrypted WhatsApp
In April 2016, more than 1 billion cell phone users increased the risk of circumventing the security of their messages and WhatsApp decided to put an end to this vulnerability with their end-to-end encryption protocol. Made for voice calls, text messaging (including photos, videos, and files).


5. Data storage in DNA
Instead of server farms, the entire internet can be the size of a shoebox in a day. That’s what Microsoft researchers and the University of Washington demonstrated in July when 200 megabytes of digital files were encoded in the DNA building blocks.

They did it using a type of enzyme called polymerase which makes copies of DNA in a programmable way and allows it to be read in any part of the DNA chain.


6. Snapchat objectives: The great moment of AR
It is the most developed and innovative application of the moment, With real-time facial recognition and the innovative ability to apply special effects, such as changing eye color, overlaying faces and creating scenes around the image.