11 Best Videos & Photos’ Editing Softwares & Apps, Reviews for Professionals

Semi Professional and Professional Video Editors
Video editors play a very important role in the television industry and for film producers who use them on a daily basis as a main tool of their work, it is very important to know and have a good management of this magnificent tool since at present, at the professional level, there are some very powerful video editing tools that offer great possibilities to make and create a magnificent work of editing and post-production of videos.

Not only videos but also, photographs, graphics, digital effects or any other visual audio material, in a video or file quotation that is generated by cameras either on a professional level, semi-professional and amateur, it is even possible to film and take pictures on mobile devices that can provide very good quality formats to be worked on editing programs like those that I will show you now with a brief descriptionese.
These software are within the semi-professional and professional range.

Pinnacle Studio
It’s a complete solution for high definition video editing. The combination of power and simplicity of Pinnacle Studio will allow you to control the latest HD video technologies, such as Blu-ray and AVCHD. You can add effects to your photos or those of your contacts, using the designs and feature that the application has and that will help you to enhance your ingenuity and creativity in video productions.

You can just simply drag and drop your media files and you can see how their content comes to life with effects, transitions, animated and multilayer graphics with a professional finish.

The video-creation process can be summarized in three steps: Capture, edit, and record. Once finished, file your memories on video, and you can post it on YouTube or enjoy them on a DVD or on portable devices.

Sony Vegas
Featured video editing program for professionals who need to produce high quality HD videos. Sony Vegas Pro offers everything a professional needs, including the ability to import videos to multiple devices (also HD videos), use more than 300 filters and special effects, and specific tools to work with text and subtitle layers to optimize image quality.

Final Cut Pro for Mac
Powerful professional video editing tool, with Final Cut Pro X, you will be able to join, divide and edit videos, include audio and music and integrate them with video effects, transitions, posters and other elements that it offers. No doubt, it is a very powerful editor used in most TV channels. It only works for Mac.


Adobe premiere
This is one of the best tool to edit Adobe Video and is recognized worldwide for its fantastic software tools, many of which have become a true industry standard, and Adobe Premiere Pro is one of its top products. Premiere is one of the best applications for editing video.

Adobe After Effects
Part of the Adobe Suite goes hand-in-side with Premiere Pro. In this program you can also edit video but it is used mainly for exclusive editing, Adobe Post-Production tool, which allows you to add special effects and tweaks as if you were professional. If you use Adobe Premiere to edit your videos, then after Effects, you hace the perfect complement to add special effects to them.

With this selection, i wanted to illustrate and recommend the semi professional and professional video editors that are most used in the market, if you want a free version of any of these programs, please leave me your comment and you can also give us a shout out or share with friends.


CropiPic Crop Video & image
It is a nice application that allows you to make an easy video editing, with various tools. You can easily apply effects, mix audio, crop images and shapes, adjust the position of the video, resize, rotate, scale and fill. You can also publish the video directly from the program to any social network listed there.

Video Editor Master
Video Editor Master is a Powerful computer application for video editing designed especially for Windows 10 OS with a full range of tools. It allows you to add multiple effects and transitions, such as better brightness, clarity, unique video filters and easy-to-use interface controls where you can effect the changes as built in your creative mind.

Video Converter any format.
This converter that allow you to convert your picture & video files to any format is the most effective video converter. It transforms your files into different formats in simple steps. You can also Convert videos to MP4 and AVI formats although it is compatible with most formats. The application is very fast and easy to use.

PowerDirector Mobile Video Editor App
It is one of the most powerful editor in the mobile app market, because it gives you the power to make amazing and captivating videos instantly. You can mport and edit your videos, add effects and titles or export HD videos directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Thanks to its full range of tools that allow you to make professional editing, making your videos to be lovely to watch.

Hitfilm 4 Express
This is a complete video editor similar to Adobe Premiere, it has hundreds of special effects to apply to your production, including a powerful color correction tool.

The professional version comes with everything you need to create extraordinary audiovisual productions, 3d graphics, a large engine and many Plugins for the montage of amazing 3d animations. The pro version is like having Adobe Premiere and After Effects in a single software.

Hitfilm has everything you need for your video productions, the app currently delivers free Hitfilm 4 Express with which you have hundreds of options when editing your videos.

DaVinci Resolve 12.5
This is an Extraordinary software, with professional non-linear editing functions, it offers the possibility to offer a single system to edit and correct the color. It has the necessary tools for editing and resizing, functions for the organization of multimedia files, special effects, controls for the use of keyframes and many more functions.

This powerful video editor offers a free version that you can download for Windows operating systems and Mac OS X. Its interface is very intuitive and there are many tutorials for the management of the program.

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