Which Programming Language Should you Learn First? Get the Questionnaire

One of the professions that is hot at the moment is programming. A developer is that person who writes a set of Codes to create an application that gives instructions to the Hardware of a computer or any device. To simply put, such person is a programmer; but considering the evolution of technology, it seems that Programming will be as basic as writing or reading in the future.

Although, there are many options to learn how to program in different computer programming languages, it takes an effort on our part to achieve this goal. As in all the circumstances of life, it is not the same to learn at a professional level that you simply understand just how to manage with a basic program or a simple game.


Following the platforms that will be introduced to you below, the online application Bestprogramminglanguagefor.me allows you to choose the appropriate programming language. Some will discover that, to actualize their computer dreams, it is enough with a bit of HTML and CSS, just as an example.

Once you’re on the site, just click on the ‘Get Started’ button to start. Then it all starts with a question why do you want to learn code? There are four options that correspond to the different profiles of programmers and they’re different from each other, viz: Have another skill, Build something fun, Run a startup, Be a professional developer. There you can choose your objective reasonably.

After understanding the drive behind the code you want to learn, you will be asked some other few questions, like three or four to fine-tune the result. If you just want to have another skill, you choose whether it’s going to be on mobile development, website development, data analysis or email design.

For someone that just want to build an app for fun, is it going to be mobile app, web app, small games, task automation or simple AI. Also, if you just want to run a start , you have to choose between web, mobile and game.

However, If you’re already a practising programmer and you want to become a professional, your page is sub categorized into game, web, mobile, desktop software or data scientist.

Note that, in each of these categories, there are further lower sub layers or more specific task till you get down to the basics.

Do you now want to develop a game for mobile phone or computer, a mobile app or a complex management program, this application is really interesting for new users in programming who have heard the opinions of others about the different programming languages like HTML5, Phyton, JavaScript, C++ etc, but you do not have a well defined criteria.

Once you’ve already answered all the questions, the application will tell you what the right choice is and a description of its main utilities and a link to an explanation of why that was the code chosen for you. If then, you’re not satisfied, you can start over and try again.


Knowing the most appropriate programming language for you will help you to draw out your plan about your aim and prepare your mind towards achieving it.

You will be able to avoid loosing concentration among several other choices that may swerve you away from attaining your goals. After this process, you are ready to start programming and there are many methods of payment or you can as well learn some freely.