Meaning of Robotics, Different Types & How to Make Robotics Arms with Arduino

Buiding robots with arduino

What is Robotics?

Robotics is a branch of Science and Engineering (Computer science and Mechanical Engineering) that deals with the design and construction of artificial intelligence machines, known as robots, and the use of computers to direct and control their features and functions.

Robotics engineering technology is now much popular in Europe, followed by Asia and there are universities and colleges offering degrees and MS in robotics engineering in the UK, US, India, and so on with requirements in computer science and engineering courses.

There are different types of robots and the classification is usually subjected to the opinion of the writer.

However, robots can be classified according to their field of application, like Industrial robots, entertainment robots, household robots, military robots, medical robots, space robots, service robots.. etc.

Some publishers can also classify robots based on functions or locomotion; like Stationary robots, wheel robots, legged robots, flying robots, swarm robots, swimming robots, and so on.

These types also have subcategories that are also classified as types of robots.

Buiding robots with arduino

Some Robotic arms you can Build with Arduino

Today, we’re working on articulated robots (robotic arms) and if you’re already familiar with robot technology and computer programming with the Arduino board, I will suggest these laudable projects on the construction and development of a robotic arm.

To start a would-be successfully project of a robotic arm, you can learn from the experience of this guy and another illustrative guide to remember in the construction of high-speed CNC routers, a trend that started recently.

Materials that are needed are
1 Arduino Uno
1Protoboard 830
1 5v supply for Protoboard
4 Servo motors mg90s
1 90v Wall Adaptor
20 Cables Tampa M-m
(x) 3d-printed parts for robot arm

In the next project building robotic with the tutorial for the construction of a robotic arm with servomotors that are controlled by the Arduino program, these are the Materials needed.
1 Arduino Uno
1 Protoboard
2 Micro-servos
4 Micro-pushbuttons
4- 220 ohm resistors
(x) Cables

Now, moving to the EDUTRONIX channel to learn about its recent projects, the robotic arm with three servo motors and Arduino without a bookcase is the methodology to allow its use in any microcontroller.

Materials that are needed.
1 Protoboard
1 Arduino Uno
3 Servo motors

Today, we all realize the importance of robots and we benefit from this evolution.

There are many things robots are used for and some of them are things that humans can not do. Robots help to enhance business and it’s become part of our life today.

The use of robots in the future will grow exponentially from domestic use, industrial use, business, school, etc.

One of the main developments in robotics is the implementation of the arms automats to execute tasks of the human arm at the industrial level, perfecting movements and becoming a transcendental invention for Business production.