Japanese ili Instant Voice Language Translator Device

Wearable technology to help translate voice to other language

Communication is the foundation of coexistence and when there’s a break in communication, life seems to stand still.

You will always have a problem with the language barrier if you’re very mobile and love traveling.

Humans are more mobile as a result of technology and people are connected better.

A Chinese can travel to Ghana to transact business and a Nigerian can travel to France for a visit communication has been a big obstacle in the time past but voice translation devices have been invented and developed to remove this barrier.

Wearable technology to help translate voice to other language

Scientists and engineers have been working to develop an effective model of voice translation but this Japanese businessman, Takuro Yoshida, and his company, Logbar developed a real-time voice-activated translator, ili, which is the latest fast-selling wearable language translation device.

Ili is a portable voice translator that’s mobile, easy to use, cost-friendly, and suitable for travelers.

The device is small, lightweight, you can put it in your pocket or just hang it around your neck and when you want to converse with another person who doesn’t understand your language.

Just bring the microphone near your mouth, press it and start talking.

After the first attempt, the voice would be translated through your phone speaker.

ili, the speak and translate application is different from Google audio translator but integrates a proprietary operating system that is responsible for analyzing the audio and translating it in real-time.

It’s now available in Japan, US, UK, China, and some other countries and it supports languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin and there are plans for more languages when the device is updated in which you will be able to add more languages like French, Thai, Korean, Italian and Arabic; and others, based on consumer demands.

Ili may not be the best but better than most voice translation apps because it does not use an internet connection, no WiFi before it works. You can only connect to the Internet if you want to download updates.

Do you wonder about the price of ili? It costs about $249 and you can buy it from Amazon, eBay, and other stores. We recommend only trusted stores to avoid getting fake.

Based on the reviews from users, one-way is faster and better in translation than two-way and to some folks, it is not finding it easy translating long sentences correctly and some are a bit disappointed about this.

However, we think this is a good development and I’m sure Logbar will improve this wearable audio translation device.