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Starting a new business is not always simple as there are many things to plan and execute, even when you think you’re done with the major parts.

Some aspects of your business establishment that you don’t put much thought into can stress you and this come down to getting the ideal brand name or trademark for your business.

Getting a professional business planner is good but if you don’t have the budget and want to minimize cost, there are good company names generator you can use to name your new organization.

catchy business name ideas : You can generate funny group chat names with this tool and brand names.

You get unique names but not usually meaningful since the variables are much, although, you don’t have to select all the variables.

You’ll enter the “first word” in any language you want, select a character from A to Z, the number of characters you want and the “last word”, character and the number of characters and you gets several short words suggestion.

Even when you don’t enter anything, you still get names at random.

One advantage we found here is that it tells you if the name is available for domain registration, not tallied or similar to other trademarks and numerology value.


switchplane :  If you’re thinking of how to come up with a brand name for your business and you possibly don’t want this at a cost, switchplane is a creative business name generator to help you find a good name.

What you need to do is to enter the base word of the business and click ‘Generate’, for example, if you want a name for a web design service, you simply enter “web design”, the same thing you can enter ” health care”, “restaurant” etc and adjective keywords will be added to it to make it unique, meaningful, targeted and pronounceable.

Having said that, you’re likely going to get long-tail keywords as a business idea for your new company but you can just get inspiration from this and redefine the name suggests to get a perfect business name.


If the result of the first attempt is not suitable, you can regenerate to get another suggestion.

Other services rendered by the developer are web design for individuals and businesses, apps development, building eCommerce site, and SEO, sales conversion optimization, email marketing, SMO, and business branding.

getsocio is a tool to get unique company name suggestions that have meaning, similar to switchplane in getting catchy business names list and some funny names as well for your teammate or group name, the cool product name for your newly launched product.

You can get a lot of great name ideas and a plus to this tool is that it displays the total number of names it has generated.

Just like switch plane, they’re three words in which noun or adjective is added to the base keyword you submitted.

To complement the establishment of your business venture, you can use their slogan generator to create slogan for your business, it takes the way of business names.

More so, you can create a free website on getsocio and enjoy free hosting, add your domain to represent your business.

businessnamegenerator :  takes a different approach in finding cool names for your organization.

You enter one or two base keywords on your business and generate two names that are more catchy and memorable.

The program will take some alphabets out of your submission and add new ones or match the two or tweak it to produce a new shortened name.

We also get more brand-able names in thousands and displayed in tiers.

The first set shows popular business names that are very short and has an average of 6 alphabets, the other set are common names which and you can forward the suggestions straight to your inbox and domain name suggestion if available.

Other names generator by the same publisher is Non-profit organization name generator like charity, names for production or manufacturing company, new names for the film production firm.

Also, Agriculture business name, Cafe name, Transport business name, Drink Name, TV & Film Production Name, Magazine Name, Hotel Name, Gym & Fitness Name Generator, etc.

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Anadea is a popular business name generator that’s free to use online and randomly produces catchy and unique product names or brand names.

Generally, you can get a new company name suggestion free.

It’s one of the best tools to get a meaningful title for your startup and you’ll be surprised to get business names that can be doubted if you claim the name is provided by a professional business developer.

When we tested with the keyword “web design”, we got names like Consolidated Web design, Pin Web design, RisingSun Web design, AllAmerican Web design, Structured Web design, Booster Web design.

Others are Hit Web design, Chip Web design, Spicy Web design, Dynamic Web design, and other catchy business name ideas in 100s so you don’t have to worry about how to name your business.

The names are usually in three words and you can search by industry to generate more relevant name suggestions.

Some of the industries are Technology, Healthcare, Ad agency, Software, Real estate, Travel, Design, Online store, app development, Retail store, Enterprise and so on.

With the business name maker, you can as well find your unique domain name or app name for your business and if you’re searching for a team that will handle your online business presence, they’re also into the following services

  •  website development,
  • mobile and desktop app development,
  • audit and business consultant service,
  • server administration and maintenance and other web-related services.

Anadea also develops IT software in the tech and health care sector for firms, offers a free app development cost estimator, a powerful tool to easily calculate the amount it’ll cost to make android, iOS, or web apps in industries such as Medicine, Health insurance. Retail Finance and Real estate, and other sectors of the economy.

While you’re choosing a company name, you should consider the logo that will go with it, its availability when you want to register with the corporate affairs commission, the website name that can be branded and have corresponding meaning to your organization, so you should make it original, searchable and memorable.


Wordlab :  is a very popular random business name generator to get a catchy company’s name, domain name, or product’s name.

You don’t need to enter any name, only ask to generate and it pulls brand name from millions of it in the database.

It can be serious work on your side if you want your business or organization name to have a particular keyword and we don’t recommend this in that regard but if you want generic names you can brand, worldlab is a perfect solution.

When we searched for names, we got things like Flex Inc, Tiebreaker Systems, Double Dutch Inc, Red Squadrons Services, Icebreaker Factory, Green ginger inc, Clear Sailing, Comp Ind, gadget bash, and Red Gush Inc.

Other tools by the author are Team Name, Beer Name, Bar or Restaurant Name, Wedding or even planning company’s name, pharma company’s name, morpheme generator among others.


Seventhsanctum : is a simple to use and very helpful business title generator.

It has a distinct tool for each type of organization; government names, team names, corporations’ names, superhero organization, Guilds names, school names, etc.

Select each one you want and the number of names you want to generate at a time and it’ll do just that for you.

The names are readable, meaning, and not long keywords.

While business name generators are very helpful to garner ideas for naming our business venture, we need to take it as inspiration to getting the perfect brand name and we just have to tweak it to blend with what we want, knowing well some other online users can also get the same we’ve got using these tools.