List of Akinyande’s Quotes: Inspiration| Setting Goals| Determination & Success in Work

Success is not completely science or arts but encompasses the two. It’s very obvious that we can learn to be rich and successful, and there are working principles on determination, setting success goals, getting dedicated and motivated to achieving goals and others.

Today, Akinyande Ayomide, a scientist by passion, researcher, fitness expert, public speaker and a chief editor at Techpally share with you hundreds of his short and long success and motivation quotes to inspire you to set your goals and making achievement in your choice of calling.

Learning work ethics, getting determined, staying focused and dedicated are as much as important as working hard and we may not be able to keep these in practice if we’re not positive and strong in the journey of life and accomplishments.

To encourage you that hard work really pays off and would always do, the following encouraging quotes would work in uplifting your inner spirit and becoming not only successful but also a success.


Prosperity is not what anybody can wish or hope for and get, it’s a prize.


  • Failure and success experiences jointly develop the wisdom domain.


To try one’s best makes failure a cause for experience and not really a failure.


  • It’s better to be a little Boss than a Big Slave.


If success would ever remain valued, it can never be achieved easily.


  • Determination broadens the way to success even when it seems narrow.


You don’t need much people in your journey to succeed in life, you only need few people that matter.


  • Life is really what you think it is! Everything about life is just perception. Think good and you will be good


To fail calls for nothing but not to learn and not to act.


  • If you can conquer self, you’ve conquered all.


Through the thick and thin of life, bargain wt success and never look back.


  • I’d rather sleep to dream than to dream to sleep.


In life, Things that break you can make you, Things that demote you can promote you, Things that demotivate you can motivate you.


  • If I don’t know how to be great, I’d stick to the principles of 100 greatest people in my calling.


If everything I try fails, I’d not fail to try anything.


  • Dreamer do sleep but never asleep.


Meditate on your problem and it bcomes bigger than the world for you.


  • Whatever you do with your life now, tomorrow will if you’re right or wrong.


You don’t need much people to get to the top, you only need few people who know how to take you  to the top


  • If fate is against me, I’d not let my mind be against me.


No matter how much we learn, we can not escape all our defeats.


  • We can not win or lose all the time but we can put a limit to our loss and increase our wins.


No matter how sound an idea is, it will certainly face difficult task.


  • Anyone who heeds to the lessons of failure has an advantage to overcome it.


Every great man has walked through that lonely path of success, don’t expect yours to be different. Stop complaining, that’s just the way it is.


  • Many will want to set limits for you, you’ve to learn to break those limits.


The problem of a man is always the starting point of business.


  • Do not say i’m not motivated, encouraged or helped since the only growth people seems to acknowledge is your body growth, other growths are not important to everyone but only you.


Outstanding success is neither automatic nor gotten without passing the test of persistence.


  • It’s a big tragedy that people enjoy wasting their time at young age and being so conscious managing it later.


Failure and success are teachers of life, anyone who has not master failure can not manage success effectively.


  • With just a change of thought, you can put the whole world under your feet.


Determination is when you seriously invest your Mind


  • Courage is when you seriously invest your Efforts


Every failure has a great value to secure success if admitted to be a lesson


  • Where there’s challenge, there’s success.


In the game of multiple, trust someone, In the game of two, trust NO ONE ! Success is a game u need to learn the arts; Science is not just enough but Spiritual intelligence is alao a key


  • Ideas are forms of intangible merchandise, the most profitable commodity and it can be gotten freely.


There’s only one thing that’s common to great people, They ‘stepped’ on their Adversities aggressively to climb a greater height


  • Any sound idea has in its capacity to induce faith and persistence; A well nurtured idea will give clear picture.


New challenge brings new experience.


  • You dont’ve to classify some people as your enemies because they’re not fair to you, just put your friends on a scale of preference and rank those people the least important. I’m sure you would not want to reckon with the bottom of the table


Put your happiness in mankind to drive it, you will be driven out of the lane all through your life.


  • To grow older is not as important as to grow others.


Failure succumb to your will when you’re stubborn to stumble…


  • Never think an idea is impossible to become reality or too big for anyone to handle.


Success is a ladder! Nobody jumps into it but climb it up.


  • The only person to stop you from succeeding is YOU, not any devil…. and the only evil spirit to stop you is that SPIRIT that speaks of IMPOSSIBILITY in your mind


Any lesson will learn from success, failure could give a better one.



  • There’s no way you can get it right in a wrong way.

The turning point of our life is when we clearly hear the true voice of our mind.


  • You can change anything only if you can change your perceptn towards it.


The price being paid for ignorance is costlier than the price for knowledge.


  • To be so important is to be very useful.


A billion idea is below the capacity of human brain to construct, coordinate and direct and no man  has ever conceived a million idea; it shows ideas are not limited in man.


  • The time we spend worrying about our problems worth solving them.


To create wealth for oneself is good, to create wealth for others is the best.


  • It’s never a shame to be poor but never a pride to remain poor either. if there’s any phrase I hate, DEFEAT will definitely be it.


Failure is an investment we inherit from the nature, learning represents the fundamentals and success is the divided provided we manage the investment well.


  • To live an immortal life is to form the basis of infinite benefits to the generation in infinity.


Life is always an opposition to a man! Don’t get used to it, challenge it and demand for your right-of-choice.


  • The path to success is never wide, get used to it.


There’s no law of something for nothing in nature, every success, achievement and Glory demands a price that is usually difficult to pay but no successful one has ever regret paying this price.


  • Failure is the precursor of every outstanding success but the wise ones see it as temporary defeat and not failure.


Anyone who wants to be an embodiment of success should measure his life in seconds and not days.


  • There’s no wise man who has never been a fool.


Life is the only opportunity that gives the most opportunities, anyone who has it could have anything.


  • Learning is the only food to our mental growth.


A man who knows all the rules that can not work in life has already been defeated by failure unawares.


  • Courage is the master tool of conquest, it gives birth to faith and both become inseparable.


Doing is always better than thinking as you can not do in your thinking, but you can think in your doing.


  • Any idea, knowledge, or experience that’s not emotionalized can not yield great results in business.


Frustration is an inseparable friend of indecision as one would either be a cause or result of the other.


  • If you dont dream farther, you can’t go farther too.


School will make you learn, Experience will make you understand, Wisdom will make you triumph.


  • Every success and failure is a result of habits.


Happiness is the voice success listen to, faith is her food, wisdom is the father while work is the mother.


  • No matter the quantum of what you’ve lost, your faith can actually bring them back.


I’ve conceived greatness, I can not wait to give birth to fame.


  • Failure and success are solute and solvent respectively. A man who dissolves his failure in success of great men will gain a perfect distilled failure solution.


The world is filled with an abundance of opportunities which the dreamers of the past never knew.


  • The world is fast changing that you can not solve today’s problem with the approach used to address that same problem yesterday..Human mind has gone so weird because the survival contest has gone metaphysical than the ages past. Be happy and make people happy and many human problems will subside.


Don’t expect good results in your first plan to succeed, all you need is persistence until you unlock your success.


  • Ideas come in bountiful supply to anyone who understands the principles of the supermind and continually use it.


To believe in oneself is the basis of the greatest achievements.


  • Disappointment will make you to Discover yourself, difficult time will keep you brave to sustain yourself. Unfortunately, success will make you to forget old time struggle too soon than expected


Quantities of ideas are worthless unless they’re turned to services.



  • Every success is nothing but a challenge for more daunting tasks.


Anyone who has mastered how to be less beaten by time has already had one of the keys to succeed at hand.


  • Fear is in thinking, not in trying.


Education is not acquiring knowledge but growing the knowledge to become wisdom and applying it when your instinct resist it.


  • If you don’t believe in an Habit , you can only Act it, you can’t Master it.


Take Learning so serious, not for the sake of your parents, your family, your government, employment or enemies but for the time ignorance will cost you life values.


  • I wake, think about the dream, think about the past, imagine the future and I smile….To achieve in life, you must be a powerful source of happiness to yourself


Opportunity is not by chance but by creation!

Just start creating,

Make things exist,

Make things happen,

Put things to life,

Opportunities are bound to come your way.

No Creation, No opportunity


  • No achievement or goal will ever be achieved with indecision.


To defeat oneself and let the mind submit to one’s will is an accomplishment of the greatest task ever, however, one should be carefuof his will.


  • It’s easy to start a walk but difficult to keep the pace. Preparing for the worse is a strategy to keep the stance and it does not make it worse in the real sense.


To make a stupendous achievement in entrepreneurship is to always convert an ordinary man to a consumer.


  • Without concentration, no success would be achieved in any calling.


Life is scary! Only if you try it, you’d know it’s not as difficult as you think.


  • We can surely become master of anything we shy away from today.


Best effort and yet no result, it signifies IGNORANCE.


  • Invest in your Life , Add values to your life  and Work for yourself. This is how you can actualize your big Dream.


Any man who believes he has had his best would definitely find it difficult to have the better while the man who believes the best is yet to come would continually having the better.


  • Tolerance is a key element that would make leadership successful.


Being born poor is not an excuse to be poor, if some people can do the undone, why can’t you replicate what was done somewhere.


  • The first step to solving a problem is  to acknowledge it as a problem.


The race for riches is indeed a marathon race! Every one gets tired but anyone that manages his tiredness till the end.


  • Life is arts! You design it and add meaning to it


Don’t just relate and work with people because they’re closed to you, rather work with people that can help you, motivate and influence you to achieve in your calling even of your connection has to be in spirit.


  • Time is the greatest competitor, anyone that always try to beat the time would always bring put the best. Though no one can beat the time but the more intensity to defeat this great competitor, the more the achievement of a man


Learning makes your mind travel more than your feet.


  • it’s very unfortunate, most of what we learn in school would not help us to be successful in life, so, don’t get crazy about sending your children to school but get crazy in EDUCATING them..


Man can only improve himself if  realizes the needs to.


  • Opportunity is only utilized by the prepared mind….


Your present life is a result of your past life, your real present life will only show result in your tomorrow…so,you will definitely get result of what you do now.dont be weary if you’re not getting result today.


  • To stand out in any calling, you’ve to do more than necessary or more than ordinary.


Perceive good thing, you will think good thing and surely act out good thing.


  • Life is a coin..! whatever you feel, one man out there must feel the opposite.


Neither the bird or its wings can fly independently, that’s how human exist…..


  • In the time of challenges, just remember that the TIME WILL PASS BY and this will subside the problem and give psychological relief. The problem is not a problem itself but the fear of it.