3 Important Qualities of Customer Service

qualities to expect from customer service personnel

What is Customer Service Job

Online customer service jobs are not new again but for someone who has no idea of it, it is a job saddled with the responsibility to help customers with their complaints and inquiries.

A customer support representative gives customers updated information about their products and services.

He also guides customers in the process to book orders, and other services needed by the customers.

With the impact of technology and the internet on businesses, customer support personnel don’t have to be in the physical office only since many customers don’t have to work in the office before making the complaints known.

Most customers now prefer to contact a business support channel via the internet since it’s easier and more efficient.

qualities to expect from customer service personnel

However, how efficient are the remote workers in delivering the job?

Every business owner who hires remote workers for online customer services expects these three important qualities in their remote employees.

  • The customer relationship
  • The Performance
  • The performance and efficiency of the whole team

Qualities that are Required in Online Customer Service Job

Your employer will not capitalize on your well-crafted resume but will put you to a test and ask customers whether your interaction is good or bad.

For you to be able to stand out in your workplace customer service job online, here are the important qualities of customer service.

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Be Yourself

Uniqueness is very important, it’s about how understandable your communication is.

Try to personalize the customer service, explore your strength, and give your best to the service.

We all know some people always love to get things done in an office, be the most important asset even when you’re just a customer service personnel.

To be unique in your customer service job, these three qualities should be cultured.


  • Simplicity

It is very possible that your company has clients from different continents and not everyone speaks good English.

You should be able to communicate in simple English

Expressing yourself in a simple way shouldn’t be difficult since simplicity is a question of efficiency.

The less effort the client takes to understand what you’ve said, the better for him and you.

To make things easy to understand, use common words in your communication, and keep sentences short and simple.


  • Structure

The structure of words means a lot when it comes to comprehensibility.

For example, you don’t need to write your company’s web address as https://www.TechPally.com or your company’s phone number as +14735916298.

You should rather remove the https://www and structure the phone number like +1 (473) – (591) – (6298) or  +1 – 473 – 591 – 6298.

It becomes a lot easier if you structure it clear and simple.

3 important attributes of customer service rep

  • Familiarity

You shouldn’t expect the level of knowledge you have about your services from your client.

When a new service is introduced or terms are updated, you should understand that many people will not find it easy to understand the new changes, hence, you need to guide them well.

Use real-life experiences and analogies to explain things to them. Analogies are a powerful tool for explaining things.

You’ll be able to convey the main message to them easily by relating it to things they already understood.

You don’t have to prove to be a professional by communicating in technical terms with your client as a customer service personnel.

If a word sounds strange to a client, the client begins to doubt his intellect and wanders off.



Customer service job is one of the jobs you can handle online and work independently, in the comfort of your home.

Thousands of business sites now integrate live chat plugins with their website.

This helps their clients to make inquiries and get fast feedback within an hour.

Such business owners definitely need remote workers who can be online to attend to their customers’ requests.

To win some of these customer service jobs online, there are requirements stated by the employer.

You need to go through the terms carefully before you apply.

Even if you’re fortunate to get a job, the above-mentioned skills are very crucial in keeping your contract with your employer.