How to Strike a Good Deal on Ebay

Tips for eBay buyers to get cheap items

It is that time of the year again when we shop for Christmas and the new year.

There are plenty of giveaways and discounts in this yuletide season.

Stores also offer black Friday and Monday deals, however, some businesses only inflate their prices before starting the back Fridays and then slash the inflated amount to make the price look cheaper.

Nevertheless, you can always compare the prices of products from different stores before purchasing them.

If you shop most of your goods online, this is easier to do.

While there are tons of factors to consider before purchasing a particular product, if you want to purchase cheap wears this season, I advise you to check eBay.

There are few things I like about eBay – There are sellers from different continents, there are more products with free international shipping, products in the fashion category are cheaper but you need to research quality sellers here.

Tips for eBay buyers to get cheap items

Tips for Buyers on eBay to Strike good Deals

  • How to Set up Winning Bids

There are thousands of products on eBay without fixed price, you’ll need to bid for such products.

It is common to see people making bids on weekends, especially in the evening, however, the competition is high in those periods.

The trick is to look for offer that ends in the morning and bid at late night, you can find it cheaper.

The time you offer your bid is crucial to getting a bargain from the store.

Many buyers on eBay tend to submit their bids in the last few seconds before the end of the auction.

This has worked for many regular buyers like myself, although, waiting as long as possible does not guarantee a bargain.

Some buyers prefer using bidding agents to place an offer on their behalf.


  • Compare Prices of Similar Products

Dropshipping is one of the popular ways people make money from the internet.

Dropshipping simply means listing a product that’s offered for sale by another seller on an e-commerce site.

On eBay, you’ll find the same product at different prices, some sellers often list products offered by another seller on the same eBay, and add their own price.

You can therefore use a price search engine to search for the desired product.

Before buying any good, search the market price. It makes sense to do the price check before considering how much you want to spend.

You can also visit Slickdeals to get Ebay Coupons to strike better deals and save more money.

Slickdeals offers deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts for products from different online stores.

If you also shop at Kohls, Hobby Lobby, Sam’s Club, American Eagle, REI, and many others, you can also find good deals through slickdeals.

You can download their app and set up deal alerts to get notified on the latest deals as they’re listed.

The best way to get cheap offer through Slickdeals is to install their browser extension on your PC, and coupons will be auto applied for you when you shop.


  • Keep an Eye on ‘WOW offers’

With the WOW-offers from eBay, you can always find a really good bargain.

The WOW offers are not private auctions, but dealer offers that are set at a fixed price.

WOW items are shipped with no shipping cost and the prices are really competitive.

A price comparison should of course still be important in order to see whether you are really getting a good deal or not.


  • Save your Search Items

This point is interesting for everyone who is looking for a rare item or who repeats the same search over and over again.

Searches that have been carried out once can be saved by clicking on “Follow this search”.

Saved searches can be found on the start page under “I’m following”.

You can save time by having notifications sent by email when a suitable item is posted.

The notification can be set up when creating a search or afterwards in the notification settings.

  • Save Shipping Costs

Personally, i like free shipping, however, some sellers add the shipping cost to the cost of the product before listing it, and now cut off the shipping cost.

Nevertheless, you can save shipping costs by using the area search and picking up items nearby.

The corresponding setting can be found in the “Advanced Search”, which is located directly behind the “Find” button.

Among the numerous options for narrowing down the search, there is also “Collection” to be ticked and “Items near me” immediately afterwards.

Here you can enter your postcode and filter for offers that are within a 10 or 25 kilometer radius.


  • Be Patient to strike a good Deal

Patience is an important quality of the bargain hunter because it prevents you from paying more than you had planned.

If the desired item is currently not available at the targeted price, or if an auction is rocking up, you should think twice and consider whether you really need to have the object of desire immediately.