Get Elephone USB Pen drive (Flash Drive) using Fingerprint

Ele pen drive wit fingerprint scanner

Elephone u disk, a secure USB Pendrive with a fingerprint scanner

For every advancement in technology, values are added to human lives alongside threats, especially in terms of security, abuse, and conflict with other standards.

Information security, online security, and data management are a great concern to stakeholders in cyberspace.

Manufacturers of external storage devices like SSD, USB, hard drive, magnetic tape for computers,, and other electronic devices are always on their toes, working harder for the best security mechanism to safeguard data in these memory devices.

Ele pen drive wit fingerprint scanner

To encrypt an external hard drive, there are some flash drive encryption software you can download such as TrueCrypt, veracrypt, etc that are used to password protect a USB flash drive, working quite well on Windows, Linux and Mac powered computer systems but it seems users are always on a look-out for a better alternative, most especially, using biometric technology.

Data encryption is no more a necessity to protect valuable information from access to the third parties due to the increasing cyber theft despite several measures to combat this challenge; it’s on this that the Chinese smartphone maker, Elephone successfully launched U-disk, a USB Pendrive with built-in fingerprint scanner with sensors.

U disk seems to be the best biometric USB flash drive that’s more reliable than imation defender, Ironkey f200, Apacer ah650 USB flash drive, or transcend Jetflash 220.

Elephone U-Disk is a USB Pendrive that has two separate storage, the public section and the private section in which any user can have access to the data in the public zone or you can keep 100% privacy, using the encrypted zone which can only be accessed by you alone with biometric authentication

The fingerprint reader and encryption method are working well with Windows Linux, Mac, and Android and there’s no limit to the OS or the type of computer it can work with.

For you to read, add or remove any information you’ve encrypted, you will need to use fingerprint password protection and there’s no other person that can unlock your flash drive or have access to the data in the private section.

Elephone 64GB Fingerprint Encryption USB flash drive device price range from 65 to 75 dollars depending on where you order it and you can order online from any reputable online store.