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If you don’t club, drink, like women, or play games, you are likely going to be a hard person to deal with.

Hey, I don’t have a proof for this, but the saying – “All works and no play makes Jack or Jane a dull boy or girl respectively” is a sort of proof.

Ok, many people like games right? You can judge that by the millions of downloads of game apps. Play is a natural thing, and can take different dimensions.

With smartphones, playing any kind of your fave games virtually is so easy. I’ve played many games from hand games, foot games, productivity games, finance games, horror games, etc.

I’ve also talked about playing games, from simple games like dice rolling to complex games like Dwarf Fortress.


Quest for more Free Online Idle Games

I was looking for more in-browser idle games to play online recently, and my focus is simple finance games I can play and have fun with and came across a catalog of games on MortgageCalculator.

I have played popular idle games like Cookie Clicker, Realm Grinder, and Clicker Heroes but what I want now are clicker games a dummy can play.

Idle games to play online free

Bitcoin bubble shooter

I got attracted to the Bitcoin bubble shooter because my BTC portfolio is green now, and I thought I can shoot more Bitcoin to the moon.

This is a simple clicker game you can play in your Android or ios phone browser but needs a lot of improvement.

As the name implies, it’s about bubble shoot whereby, some of your bubbles are Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

The game is played online, has about 11 levels, and you can play it on your mobile phone or PC, with no app download.

After launching the game, there was no instruction on how to play it. I started it, double-click the couple of icons on the page, and voila, you simply have to target a similar bubble to the one in your hand and shoot. I got to the 4th level and decided to try another one.


Play Stock Game

I’ve been a stock trader for almost 20 years, so I decided to try this game. First, it was my bad for the first game I tried, there were clear instructions on the game page one should read before launching the game, but hey, I want to try stock trading now.

This demo stock trading game is a pure simulation of stock trading where you can short stocks.

You would be given a $500 demo fund to trade for 20 days. On the UI, you have the line chart showing the price of one unknown stock as it goes up and down.

Best Idle Business game to play online in browser by

Above the chart, you have the live price changes. Below the chart, you have the + sign and the BUY button, and also the – sign and the SELL button.

Click the buy sign at your preferred price, and sell when the price is higher. Besides the price, you can also see the up and down arrow showing if your trade is green or red.


Clicker Games I Found Not Interesting

While clicker or incremental games are simple games that do not require high brain capacity or much effort, I tried some of the games, such as  The idle farming business and Idle mining empire, and do not find them interesting.



If you are looking for some of the best clicker games to play online for free, you can try MortgageCalculator Money Games collections, you would find something interesting while away time.

While playing the games, you also enjoy the underground sound. You can put it off, and also make some other settings on each game you play.