Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps For IPad, iPhone and Android

Mobile apps to help learning golf game

Just as you know, Golf is a game involving basically a rod-like equipment called a Club, and a ball.

The drill is that the ball is tactically struck into a tiny hole from a pretty long distance.

Since people are increasingly aspiring to play golf, either professionally or as yet another pastime, creating an android application to help people become better golfers has become indeed necessary and some of these innovative apps will be explored here, especially those that are swing related.

Swing is simply the manner in which a golfer uses the club against the ball (cue) when striking. Apps like these assist players in analyzing and improving on it.

Mobile apps to help learning golf game

SWINGAID GOLF MOBILE APP should be the first on our list since it has the highest average rating on the Google Playstore compared to others.

The offerer is the South Korean SwingAid Golf team and it’s a whooping twenty-four megabytes (24.53mb) in size, pretty large we must say.

However, this piece of software lets users record and systematically analyze swings bit by bit so as to uncover what will normally go unnoticed with the bare eyes of a beholder.

It also allows for a comparison between swing actions so that flaws and strengths can be easily identified for subsequent improvement.

This is part of what top-ranking golf pros do to stay afloat not just in the game of golf but also in the game of winning tournaments and trophies.

Asides recording, the wonderful app also allows users to share swing clips to an online community of golf enthusiasts, known as ‘Fix me’, for feedback, comments, suggestions, or help which presupposes that some sort of registration and login is required.

It is also claimed by the developers that the app is also useful for other sports like tennis and baseball.

The app is worth about a hundred thousand downloads and promises to be a treasure for golfers in general.

Another one is the V1 sports-offered V1 GOLF APP, the developer is based in the USA, Michigan precisely.

This is a simple golf app which allows for not just recording of swings but also provides access to clips capturing swings of champs and veterans in the game for up and coming players to learn from.

It also lets users share swings but this time over Facebook and a V1 instructors platform for professional analysis and assistance.

It comes packed with a simple array of editing tools giving users the control over the feel of their recordings and snapshots.

The needed split-screen feature is of course also incorporated for easy comparison.

It’s sized at about thirty-four megabytes and has over five hundred downloads to its name— forgot to add that it seems very intuitive and easy to use.


GOLF SWING VIEWER,  an app offered by Yosi Kmart and 1.61mb in size — SUPRISED?!!!!! don’t be because unlike the last two applications mentioned which can both record and view swing videos, this one only view already recorded swings, just as the name suggests.

In other words, it can only be used to view and analyze prepared swing videos hence its relatively small size. This app doesn’t really have a lot to offer.

However, it is just as simple and basic as a swing viewing app can get and as such pretty useful.

The only fear is that it’s been 2 Years since this app was last updated which can raise some doubts about its efficacy.

Whichever way one views this, there is certainly no harm in checking it out.

So, that’s all for this piece and it’s hoped that this article will go a long way in assisting both amateur and veteran golfers to make informed decisions on which android application to go for with the view of raising the bar of their prowess in the game.