9+ symptoms to Tell You If your computer has viruses

Cyber crime and computer viruses have become a constant headache for computer users. Antivirus as good as they are, does not manage to block the large number of viruses circulating in the network.

One of the best options to control the virus is the experience, really, there is no antidote that controls all the computer viruses that exist, maintain in a constant evolution like everything and become more dangerous and efficient.

If you have been infected, it is best to pass an antivirus or Format the computer but if it’s just a suspicion, the following list of symptoms can help you find out if your computer has viruses.

1. Computer Temperature rises miserably
It can be due to intensive use of programs that require too much computer resources. You may also have a dirt obstruction in the fan. Discarded the above may be a process running without your knowledge, which triggers the consumption of resources and forces the fan to make an overexertion.

There are software to measure the temperature you can use one of the open hardware monitor, speccy.
2. The system takes a long time to start
If it used to work well and the change has occurred suddenly, there may be a high resource-consuming process running next to the system startup. It can be a virus that is manipulating the startup of your computer, please take note in the issue do not take too much to get back to normal.

If you discard the presence of a virus, you can see the processes executed in the Windows Task Manager or download CCleaner to disable some and accelerate booting.


3. Internet is going to turtle pass
If the band you pay is the minimum, the problem is not your computer but the speed of your Internet, but there is an incidence where the reason for the slowness is possibly due to some malicious program that is consuming the bandwidth without you knowing this. Many of the viruses that exist require Internet connection to steal your data.

4. Toolbar in the browser
No matter what browser you use, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other alternative, the toolbar is not something they incorporate as standard. Especially those that come with built-in advertising.

Note that, you should only have the bookmarks under the box and, nothing more, unless you have manually installed a specific plugin. Advertising navigation bars are one of the most widespread malware versions.

5. The language of your computer suddenly changes
You enter your text editor and you can no longer write the Ñ? Maybe you haven’t made any changes. Surely it is some malware that modifies the language of your computer and therefore the keyboard.

It is solved by accessing the Windows Language bar, but if the problem persist, It is best to restore the system to a previous configuration, pass the antivirus, or, in extreme case, format your system immediately.

6. The command console runs on its own
Sometimes, when you install programs, the command console runs very briefly. It is a completely black window with white letters, serves to execute complex tasks and is mainly handled by professionals.

If all of a sudden, while using the computer, the console appears briefly on the screen. It means there’s a program running a code without your permission. Cúrese in health and resort to a good antivirus, if the problem persists consult a professional.

7. Strange publications in your social networks
Strange publication could be that, you have a virus on your computer or browser that is using your keys to publish without your permission or you have been subjected to phishing, the method that’s mostly used by cyber criminals to scam and receive confidential information fraudulently.

8. You can not open the antivirus or update it
Criminals know that you have an antivirus and that your first reaction to an attack is to scan the computer. That’s why they have found a way to block access to anti-virus when the computer is infected.

It is a dangerous infection, if you can not use the antivirus, you may have no choice but to restore your computer to a previous configuration, but rarely works, or format the system.

9. Pop-up windows appear
If some strange things start to appear on pages that previously did not, the problem may be yours, if mainly advertising does not fit the theme of the Web. If the content of the ads is mainly pornographic, surely, you have been infected by a malware. They usually appear when you install a program, and it is also difficult to remove them completely.

10. The computer goes slow and sometimes hangs
Yesterday, your computer worked in a normal way but today, it suddenly become too slow and sometimes, presents blockages. Chances are you have a high computer virus contamination.

You can go to the Task manager, to the Process tab, and see there which processes are the ones that consume more RAM and CPU; if there is one that you find strange consumption rate, In these cases, you need to consult a computer expert immediately to help you fix the problem.