How to Build Robots with Materials from Home as Beginner, Kits & Types

What is a robot and where did the term robot come from?
The meaning of robot stem from automation, forced labour and artificial intelligence in resemblance of animals, especially humans.

It is defined as a machine programmed with capacity to perform some specific and general operations independently without human intervention.

Although the word robot was used even in early 18 century in english dictionary when it was used as slavery and forced labor but this robot origin and fact can not be compared to the modern origin when a Czech writer, Karel Capek popularized it in his play in 1920 as artificial intelligence.

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What are the Types of Robots

Today, there are different types of robots and their functions which can be categorized as industrial robots and domestic robots. There are mainly numerous types of robots, but with the industrial robots,vertically articulated robots are more popular in companies to replace human tasks. other industrial robots are Delta, Cartesian, SCARA eetcetera.

Industrial robots are used in telecom companies, movie production, warfare by military and in scientific research, most especially in repetitive tasks, difficult and dangerous tasks and to support work force.

However, household robots are built to lessen the burden of domestic activities. Thinking of what household robots do? They can help cleaning your pool, mow your grass, clean gutter and they’re great high-tech house helpers. No doubt, they’re going to be more used in the future.

Robot can be an electromagnetic, virtual application system or using physical mechanism.

The robots function in accordance to the instructions of the programmer and with sensors, it can communicate to the robot computer to make sure the robot move right.

This sensor is responsible for communication and the movement of the robot legs (humanoid) back and forth.

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How do you build Robots as a Beginner?

Creating robot is very costly before now and only  big tech companies can afford it for their industries, but now, many large and medium-scaled industries are making robots in advanced countries for effectiveness and productivity.

Not only that, you can now make robots with household materials, buy robots from companies building robots for commercial purposes. it’s possible that you can make your first domestic robots to help with your home chores, it only requires your budget and knowledge to assemble the robot components. The kits are available.

You can also order any type of robots online as there are many reputable drone developers in US. Just understand what you want in terms of the capacity of the robots and compare the price and quality before making order.


Learning how to make a simple robot from scratch in the comfort of your home, especially the toy robots and others, you don’t need to have huge budget or broad knowledge of programming, you only need a step-by-by step guide on how to use the robotics kits.

Thinking of some programmable robotic toys you can build for kids on your own, those boys and girls who’re about 4 years or even toddler, those dancing robot toys which you can give to your child as gift to keep them busy at home, the materials are listed below.

Some of these simple robot kits for children are :Wonder Workshop Dash Robot, 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit, ZOOB BOT, Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines, 4M Doodling Robot and others, depending on the age range and maturing of the kids.

However, some of them use arduino robot technology, making it east to build a humanoid robot from scratch for free.

Making a remote control robot out of waste materials and household items, some simple working robots, we’ve listed the materials needed for each type of robot you want to make.



Walking Humanoid Robot

Humanoid walking robots are developed to mimic the properties of human being and senses. These robots usually have arms and legs like human, capable of picking and holding object, talking and moving in a coordinate bearing.


List of materials
1-2 kg 100 voltage gearmotor between 3-12VDC
2-Pulleys 2.5 Centimetres
1-Balso 1x1cm x 1mts
2-Gears # 2, # 5
15-Paddle Sticks 9 cm
Screws and nuts.


Remote Control Robot

Building a wireless R.C robots, either for cars, toys and some other objects, you can create it easily from home once you have the materials needed. Some of the items for remote control robots are:

List of materials
2 Plastic Lids
1 Battery Holder AA
1 Balloon
1 USB Cable
2 motors of the same size and voltage
2 button 2-pin
1 Piece of cardboard
soldering iron, tin and soldering paste.


Four-legged Robot

If you’re making a simple walking quadruped (four-legged) robot with household materials in your home, you need the mechanism in your project and it can be made with arduino and some other 2 and 4 legged robots, the materials for these categories of robots are listed below.

List of materials
MDF or any other material
A cable that has a wire inside, no lint.
2 Batteries
1 Battery Holder
1 Switch
2 Batteries
A Mototreductor
A piece of cardboard


Turtle Robot

Since the robotics codes have been release, it has helped many programmers to key into robotics because it’s open source.

Turtle robots are used for coding robot games for kids, such as board games which are not that expensive when compared with utility robots.

List of materials
4 Axis Steely 2x100mm
2-Perforated 7x7x150mm Bar
1-Power switch
1-Base for 2 AA 3v Batteries
1 Dual Axis Gearmotor
1 Wood balso 6 mm


Mosquito Robot

Mosquito robots are insect spy drones that look like mosquito which can take blood samples for DNA, take picture and fly like helicopter. It’s been explored in US by the military and the project was well funded to achieve this feet. It’s also a remote controlled bug used in warfare.

To develop your own mini nuke spy bug, some common materials needed are listed below.


List of materials
3v Batteries
Battery Holder
1 small motor
Hot Silicone
1 Wire switch

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