How to Use YoWhatsapp for two whatsapp accounts

Messenger apps and social sites altogether have changed the way communication is made through the Internet, make it easier, faster and convenient to send message and get report.

Many internet user like to have message sent to them through WhatsApp,  Facebook or other communication platforms.


Despite WhatsApp been the most used communication app in the world and several updates have been made to this messenger to make it attract more users ,especially after it was acquired by Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, yet, there are more that needed to be integrated into this app.


That’s what made Yousef Al Basha to mod the WhatsApp app and offer a free modified version (known as YOWA or YoWhatsapp) that can be used as whatsapp 2, making it possible to run two whatsapp accounts on one dual-sim android phone or iPhone using dual-sim adapter since iPhone don’t model two sim but plan to do it soon.


How do you download and run YOWhatsapp on android

Enable your android to allow third party app download from the settings, go to any apk app directory or the official website, follow the yowhatsapp download link of the latest version of the application and get it on your device.

Upon finishing download, install it. However, it only works with android 4.2 or higher.


(Kindly note that, iPhone do not accept android apps or apk versions but can still be used using ios emulator for android and some other third party apps.)


Next thing is to register an account with your phone number, so, if you’ve been thinking of how to use 2 whatsapp in one mobile without having OGwhatsapp, GBwhatsapp or using whatsapp for two numbers in dual-sim android phone, the YoWhatsapp mod apk is simple and also free to use.



Now, let’s quickly look into the things you can do with yowa apk app. Some of the features are not in WhatsApp and some are in similar app such as GBWhatsapp, another alternative to WhatsApp.


  • You can make changes to your theme, use different layouts that suite you and make navigation better for you.


  • It is possible to send message to any WhatsApp user that’s not even in your contact list, provided you know the number the person has registered with unlike WhatsApp that you need to save the person phone number on your device first before the person can appear on your WhatsApp contact.


  • You can pin more chats to the top than you’ll do on WhatsApp official app, giving you more room to stick to loved ones better.
  • If you’re having much friends onnyour WhatsApp, you’ll agree that it’s somehow difficult to find your friends you’ve not spoken with for a while and continue conversation with them.


  • Security is another main issue. You can only use third party apps to lock your WhatsApp chats but yowa has inbuilt security mechanism in which you can lock your messages right on the app with either PIN code, Password, drawing pattern or using your Fingerprint and you can decide to hide your pattern if that’s what you choose to use.


Still on security, since official WhatsApp is lagging in this regard, yowhatsapp developer has done much in this aspect by making it possible for user to manage their privacy optimally.

  • Unlike WhatsApp that any of your contacts can make video calls to you, yowa has the feature to select those who will be able to call you and those who will not. You can add or remove contact from the list at any time.


Keeping your privacy, yowa has similar but more advanced to WhatsApp online status privacy.

  • You can hide or show your online status in the following forms : hide or show online status, Hide or show blue ticks, Hide or show double ticks and also set show or hide if you’re typing or recording and some other activities.


  • You can also share large files up to 700 megabytes in size, share image, videos, GIFs etc with friends without compression, giving you high quality media files, full-size image.


Overall, Yowa is a good alternative and similar app with exclusive features to WhatsApp. You can now have multiple accounts right on your phone.

This is only made possible using cloning app like parallel space before and other alternatives such as OGwhatsapp, WhatsApp plus and GBwhatsapp are not as features packed as YoWhatsapp in my opinion.