How to quit smoking easily with Apps

Smoking addiction is very common among young adults and it’s not easy stopping it.

I’ve heard smokers saying they want to quit smoking, making new year resolutions, finding how to stop taking cigarettes on their own, and start adopting some homeopathic methods to quit immediately.

The benefits of the home remedies, foods, and what preparations like baking soda and water, cream of tartar, and orange juice do to help smokers is to make them lose the feelings of smoking and several doctors have recommended these as the things to do instead of smoking.

However, is it effective? Would these not have side effects on some people, what about those who’re allergic, and how easy would it be.

However, for someone serious about saying goodbye to tobacco and others, there are easy and safe ways to help to achieve your nicotine withdrawal timeline.

There are stop smoking tracking apps that can help to stop smoking naturally without any side effects.

Smokers must understand the health benefits of quitting smoking and that’s what most of the smoking cessation apps do.

How to quit smoking cigarette


NHS Quit Smoking 

This is a nice stop smoking hypnosis app made to help people become gradually losing interest in smoking.

It calculates the cost of cigarettes and helps you with the amount you’d have saved if you’re not smoking again.

You also get connected to the British National Health Services (NHS) helpline and quit smoking local service of NHS where you can be enlightened on the benefits of making such decision early and understand the myths about quitting smoking having many side effects and the body not functioning well after quitting.

Stop tobacco is another smoke-free app that calculates how many years you can live if you stop smoking tobacco, how much quitting smoking can reduce your spending, and others.

Many smokers don’t think such a lifestyle is expensive for an average person and never imagined how much expenses on smoking is digging dip into their wallet.

As a nonsmoker, you’ll also benefit from this app, get free video webinars, tips on nicotine addiction, how to set your stop cigarettes timeline, the health consequences, and some other features to help to quit smoking weed.


Livestrong MyQuit Coach is another interesting and popular app in this regard, with many ex-smokers giving positive reviews about this app helping them to easily quit the act in no long time.

Since you’ve more control over it, it’s one of the best apps that serve as your aids in stopping cigarette smoking.

It’s carefully designed and approved by medical personnel.

You’ll be able to develop your method of quitting smoking cold turkey and this makes the plan more realistic and achievable compared to a one-size-fit-all method which may not work for every individual.

You can access yourself and analyze your smoking habits; when do you feel like smoking, what brings about this feeling, do you buy packs of cigarettes or you’re near a store, etc evaluating yourself would enable you to adjust and set a goal and deadline to too stop smoking totally.


Smoke-free is one app that’s very interactive amongst other quit smoking apps.

Any time you smoke and each other day you did not smoke will be entered, not only that, but you’ll also give details about the reason you’ve taken it and where it is taken.

Doing this will enable you to evaluate some drives behind your smoking at the end of the month and you’ll get an overview of the whole period.

You can calculate your expenses on smoking manually and decide to save costs. Using a smoke-free app, you’ll be able to set your savings target by reducing the number of cigarettes you take daily or stopping it totally and the app adds up the amount of money you’ve saved for doing this.

Addiction to drugs is a very serious issue and victims don’t always find it easy to stop taking such drugs; even when they try to do for a while, they’ll soon give up and continue.

Therefore, quitting taking hard drugs, not only cannabis but others, including alcohol is a slow and gradual process.

Apps to stop soking tobacco

Quit it Lite is a free app you can download on your iPhone. Simple to use and do not take much space on your phone.

The app does not only helps you in realizing the cost-effectiveness of smoking but also helps in realizing how much nicotine and tar you inject into your system when smoking over a kin period.

For smokers to stop smoking, they need to be motivated and helped. Quit it Lite is helpful in this regard as it gives the needed support and also enables you to connect with friends on social platforms and share your progress report.

Letting people know that you’re quitting smoking can help you in following your plan and achieving your goal.


Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation is another app I like, even for those who want to stop getting high, the app can be very helpful.

This application will tell you other people using it in your country and how they’re making progress in quitting the act.

This brings about challenge and motivation to work towards quitting taking harmful drugs and with the inbuilt game you can play, it makes it fun, especially when you’re able to beat your drive in taking cigarettes in the game.

Playing games, especially the ones about quitting smoking can also distract your attention from the urge, so, each time you feel like taking a cigar, just launch the app and play the game, interact with other members of the community right on the app and learn from them.


Another similar app to quit smoking cessation nation is Kwit. It also adopts the gaming method of helping smokers to take the challenge in quitting taking tobacco with a very user-friendly app that tracks your performance in the game and once you’re improving, you’ll be going higher in level.

You start being a novice who doesn’t know the risk of smoking and gradually move in the levels. There are about 60 tasks to overcome during your program and that keeps you engaged for months in getting to the top of the ladder.

It can be downloaded free and also offer more features in the paid version.


Craving To Quit is a paid iPhone app with a 21-day program for stopping the habit. It is designed by Judson Brewer.

On the app, you’ll be given a daily smoking quota and gradually reduce the amount till the day you’re expected to quit smoking.

The developer understands well that many smokers made several attempts to quit but finding it difficult to do this at once, so, it’s better to start by reducing the number of strokes daily till the person gets used to a smaller dose of nicotine and tar.



There are several other apps to help to quit smoking, educating smokers on the risks and damages it does to the brain and the body system, the benefits of ending smoking addiction, the increase in death caused by smoking, and how people are achieving their goal to stop smoking.

Some of these apps are free while some are paid and some with a free version with more added features only in the premium version. Download on your android, iPhone, or other devices and live better health and promising life.