Random Password Generator- Make Complex, Readable, Pronouneable & Easy to Remember Code to Secure your A/C


The need for security is as essential as other basic needs of man and with more computer devices and dependence on internet to do most of the things we do physically before via the internet, it’s becoming more crucial to heighten our safety mechanisms.


Password, passcode, passphrase are common names used to describe the method of personalizing our accounts and profile. Since businesses worth billions of dollars are transacted online everyday, confidential data such as health records, insurance records, legal documents and others are stored on computers, it’s very important we prevent such information from getting to third parties.


As security is advanced, so the threat to cyber security has increased and password cracker are deploying new method everyday to break into confidential information in order to profit from them.


It has been proven that most internet users are using password that can be easily cracked by any experienced hacker, for example, State-of-the-art password software is capable of cracking even long password up to 16 characters and average chars in password being used is not up to twelve because people normally like short pwd in order to remember them quickly.


To make your passcode stronger, bad, more secure, random password generator may be your best bet. Not all generators are reliable especially the ones that are transmitted over server network but pass that is generated through the browser using JavaScript is reliable.


password generator is one of the gen that people look out for. It creates a random password you can use for your email account, WiFi network, internet banking platforms, tax accounts etc.

multicians : This is a cool random password generator that creates passwords that are readable and memorable yet difficult to guess by anyone. The tool uses JavaScript to generate eleven passwords, each with twelve characters.


You’re advised to tweak any password generated to make it more secure by adding uppercase, numbers and special characters to increase the length and you can have a mix of two different difficult passwords.


Like I’ve said in my previous posts in data security and securing your accounts online, you should endeavor to have different passwords you use as it’s becoming a bad approach using one password for all your accounts. This is not good security wise.


If you don’t like the first set of password, you can just refresh the page or click the generate button to get another creative list of password and you can access the source code of this tool and use on your site.


Examples of such passwords are usermaryleep, firewmaterse, hanoperichar, yokwadreldma, vemisaphitic, swigheamegre, ardisswearmi,tchaperentyp, inoyourkhong, implistesial, odepberavenw


www.generate-password.com/ is another good random password generator you can use for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts etc passwords.

This tool creates two kinds of passphrase, one is the pronounceable passphrase, another one is a strong pass phrase that’s difficult and more secure.


You can also click ‘generate new password’ button if you want to get another set.


whatsmyip is a custom password generator that can generate both the easy to remembers password, readable and pronounceable password based on your input as well as complex passwords.


It’s one of the best password maker that’s simple to use. The passphrase maker is in three divisions on the page. The first is to create fast, basic and short but hard password which you can select to be in eight or twelve alphanumeric characters.


The second division is the WPA password that generates long length password code, ideal for WiFi protected access keys. (Don’t forget to configure your device for WPA to enjoy the wireless encryption technology as it’s better than WEP)


You can generate twelve-character keys which is labeled ‘OK’, thirty two password characters for better security and sixty three chars for maximum safety. Both password codes are alphanumeric.


The third division is the comprehensive password. Here you get creative password ideas based on some variables you’re going to choose yourself. This is a good way if you’re trying to make a password.


There are parameters you can use to make any type of password, be it clever, strong  PW ideas, easy and memorable PW, complex and hard pp etc.


Tick any, many or all the boxes for the parameters, including lower case letter box, numbers, uppercase letters’ box, Symbols, skip similar characters’ box, all unique characters, enter the password length and quantity and create powerful password.


We got something like the Ines below when we tested it, selecting all the boxes and asked to generate 10 passphrase with each one having 15 characters:

001:erLj2-GEKPpgC!D, M{%ZpqX[9fnyJaE, -kQSvnw#=gh{!iA, NeD#b-s6h(wU!A2, ELwnmZprTU?%z{H, |ZSpm8vdizu7F!=,XZ%GLWv62=~*]|e, +kPFb-)U&{iLjcB, Ffck9V{Be7mr=Pz, #xBc$H5*EyT&d4G


securesafepro is a Free Online Password Generator to get random alphanumeric chars in both uppercase and lowercase making it very secure and complex for anyone to guess or hackers to crack easily unlike English words and meaningful passwords that can be read and pronounced.


You can just click the ‘generate password online’ button to get one at random or make it harder by selecting some variables such as ‘include digit between 0 and 9’, ‘include lowercase’, include uppercase’, ‘include special symbols’, ‘exclude dubious symbols’  and enter the length you want for the passphrase.


The author also developed free password generator for Windows which you can download to your computer and create any quantity of password with just a click of button for your online use.


The SecureSafe freeware app works with Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista. It’s lightweight in size, portable password generator which can be on your USB flash drive, made using the military-grade encryption standard and be be sync across multiple devices via cloud.


Creating super strong password and memorable one may become a problem and what many people usually do is to have a base word and be adding prefixes or/and suffixes to it for online use.


This for sure can create a pattern which can be traced by hackers, it’s a big footprint but you can overcome this with the SecureSafe application to create unique and secure PW any time without the need to task your brain


You can also try SecureSafe Free Password Strength Meter for Windows to manage your password and ensure it can not be cracked by hackers, PW that can not be guessed or hacked through brute-force.


It’s a complete password manager that access and evaluate your pass code, measure the strength and reliability using entropy to determine the quality of the string, and tell you if it’s weak or strong.


is also a similar online application to SecureSafe in making pword with a few distinct custom selections such as, choosing to transmit it over server or only on your phone or computer, auto select and ability to save the password for later use and saving your custom settings and use it on another PC.



SSH is an easy to use strong password generator. Simply select the strength capacity: Strong (96 bits), Medium (64 bits) or Weak (48 bits) and password format (Random characters or Random Words) and you’re good to go to make 16 chars good security keys.


SSH password maker is no doubt one of the best when compared to some other tools that the methods of generating pw is not known since the process is done on their server and this is still vulnerable if hacker is able to break into the https encryption and read the passcode over the network.


Especially the free SSL certificates and TLS protocols, many cracker are able to bypass the protocol using fake certificates and authentication.


For SSH, similar to multician tool, it runs in your browser and done in JavaScript and the code is accessible. This is better than when the password is sent over network to you.


It uses 120 bits from random.org with additional 128 bits added from your browser (cryptographic quality of randomness) and another 32 bits non cryptographic quality randomness from your browser which can now be truncated to the number you’ve specified while making your selection and the result is now displayed


roboform is also a strong and unique random password generator to make clever login password and security codes for your mobile banking accounts and translations over machines like ATM, POS etc.


You can select the minimum number of digit if you want something that’s simple, cool  and that can be easily memorized, select the number of characters and exclude similar characters hexadecimal.


The reliability of this tool is also highhigh since everything is done on your side and not on the server network. The password are not transmitted over the server but done on your browser using JavaScript programming language code.


random.org/passwords/ is one of the biggest names in this password security niche and many other tools source there random password here. You get good service from random.


The randomness is said to come from atmospheric noise and not using computer program, using pseudo-random number algorithms. It is also done on your browser via SSL making it more secure.


To use this tool, select the quantity of the password and the number of characters and now generate. However, random can only generate a maximum of 100 passphrase at a time, minimum of 6 chars and maximum of 24 characters.


For more strong secure PW, you can turn to the advanced mode to tweak the randomization.


Lastpass is another popular password online generator. You can enter the pword length, minimum numeric character, select if you want to allow all character type in the random password, select ‘make pronounceable’ to get easy to remember password.


You also have option to choose to have lowercase, uppercase, digits and special chars or not and select to avoid ambiguous character type. More so, The pwd are also transmitted on your computer using JavaScript and not shared on lastpass network, making it the right choice.


Last pass can as well help you manage your password, encrypt it and take out the stress and risk in finding where you save your password on your laptop or phone, thinking of the new password to use and the possibility of third party seeing it or breaking it.


A similar online tool to this is manytools, highly secure since you’ve more options to choose to prevent password cracker from hacking into your account through various means they could try.


You have options to include or exclude MD5 hash, SHA1 hash, Salt hashes with random salt, generate up to 1,000 random pass in plaintext or Download as CSV file.


GRC tool removes the burden of generating password online completely by giving you list of unique password generated at random each time you visit there site.


The author claim to be generating thousands of a set of password everyday and there is no two identical pwd given. They’re all long non-readable, non-pronounceable difficult and badass sets of passwords with mix of all set of computer keyboard characters.


Similar generator is to GRC is memset, which is the perfect random password generator that you’re looking for.


It has 64 bits of entropy and has the capacity to generate hundreds of millions of passwords that are not identical and one can not be used to trace the pattern of others.


There are two kinds of random passwords that are listed, some with English words in it while some are not. However, they’re all difficult for anyone to guess as they’re mix of alphanumeric chars and special chars, altogether making different length from 8 ti as much as 24.


dinopass.com is an awesome password generator for kids. It gives simple and difficult password at random upon visit.


Depending on what you want, you can click the “Another simple password please” tab or “Another strong password please” and get as required.


Simple password only has lowercase letter and few numbers and it’s easy to memorize and remember it later. While strong pass has both lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special strings.


Skpasswd.net/s/ is also a Clever passwd maker. It has the following variables: appleid, default, Ntlm, Securityq, web16, web32, wifi and xkcd.

It works by taking two English words having five letters, capitalize the letters except the first letter and add some special characters to it.


The random passwords come in a mix of both lowercase, uppercase and special strings, total between 24 and 36 charcand you can generate maximum of 10 passcode at a time.


Thycotic is another good tool with option to select password length from 6 to a maximum of 64. You can also remove similar characters like zero and capital letter O, one and letter I.


A unique quality of this program is that you can enter your own words or special characters and build password around it for better remembrance.