Best Scientific Calculator Apps

There’s no doubt, digital calculators are now more used than physical calculation devices. Not only among students but also business people.

It’s more comfortable just tapping a calculator app on your Mac devices and make your calculations. There’s no need to go with calculator in your pocket or bag.

There’s almost no limitation to the calculator apps as we have simple arithmetic calculator as inbuilt program in most android and iOS devices.

If you’re not satisfied with the features, there are also third party applications you can download to suit your need.

There are scientific calculators, some of them are capable of making engineering related calculations, computer or programming tasks, mathematics, health such as weight loss calculators etc. Some of these top scientific calculator apps are the following.



This is one of the best applications for making scientific calculations and was developed by Dmitry Nikolaev & Co. It’s simple and easy to use and packed with much of features that would make you want to have it.


It allows the use of text in your computation and as well use arithmetics and you can just switch the mode using tab key.

This is to enable you write notes or give details about your work, add, subtract, multiply, divide and other calculations in plain English and to make your work faster as you don’t have to depend on your mouse in inputting your data.

Keyboard shortcuts are also used in making calculations to be faster. Numi can also be used with extensions on Windows platform and there’s integration with other applications such as Skydrive, Dropbox and others.

You can customize the user interface, choose your preferred theme, menu, mode, global hotkeys etc.

Make calculations related to percentage, unit conversion, currency conversion, ratios, time, temperature, volume, area, length etc.


Numi digital calculator also enable you to create variables and assign values. This can also be saved on the app and used in some other time. For example, you can create a variable with your business monthly income and compare with future months.


Not only can it make regular operations and percentages, it can also make calculations on cosines, sin, exponential, log, approximation, root and make automatic summation without committing an error.

You can get numi on setapp for less price. Setapp is a site with huge collection of quality Mac applications in which you can subscribe to and use different apps without buying them all.



This is another good-to-use and paid calculator app for Mac users. It has similar features to Numi and some of it are as follow.


Ability to write your calculations in text form, automatic summation without hitting the result (=) button as the result is updated as you add more values and you can easily go back if you make an error without starting all over again.


It’s also a good currency conversion app with real time value, programmers can do calculations in hex and binary just like Numi, save your work for future use, share with friends or export it to another platform.


While there are much similarities, there are also some standouts in using soulver. You can track US stocks performances by adding the company quoted symbol, get prices of other commodities such as Gold and oil.


The problem solved is more readable with spaces around operators, similar operations or values can be colored, using inline quotes in order to make some lines just ordinary comment so as to instruct the program to ignore the line.


You can recall an answer and use it as value in your new calculation, the calculator have the capacity to display up to 50 do before going to notations and this is similar to other advanced science calculators.



This is also one of the best ios calculator app. It was developed by TLA Systems. If you’ve used this application before, then you’ll not want to disagree easily if it’s tagged as the best scientific calculator app, although not free but less than $10 which is very affordable and worth the price with quite number of unique features.


Some of its features like conversion, calculations on sin, cos, radiant, making custom interface, notification widget etc; some other unique features I like are as follow but not limited to these.


It has better conversion functions as in trigonometry and finance and others such as in electromagnetism, astronomy and atomism.


Ability to show off your calculations and results on multiple devices as you’re able to synchronize it to other iOS devices such as IPhone and ipad, macOS and watchOS, ability to undo and redo repeatedly, ability to search for conversions, functions, and constants.


It also has full support for MacBook Pro and macOS 10.13 High Sierra,  and AppleScript.