7 Tips To get High Quality Backlinks to your Site Free In 2019


For a SEO company either in US, Canada, UK or in other countries, the most important step to be successful online is making its awesome online presence and increasing traffic on the site.

To increase the traffic on the site, creating good backlinks is a significant factor to be considered. This is not only important for content marketers but also website owners, brands online.



It’s important to educate bloggers and business owners, especially small business owners who don’t usually prepare the needed budget to make their businesses successful online that getting quality backlinks requires good budget and expertise.



As per best SEO Company in Toronto, there are various strategies and tips to build high quality backlinks.

Several times, I read newbie posts on how to get quality backlinks, authority and high DA links free and they become gullible to using crappy SEO tools that promise to create backlinks online free for their sites.


These free backlink submitters, backlink generators and software that promise you 100, 2000, 2500 etc backlinks instantly or done manually are likely going to ruin your site of you’re not careful as Google can slap your site for spam links from dead pages, porn sites etc.


If you want to rank your money site, sales’ page and business, there are proven methods and techniques to adopt.

Many SEO experts have recommended these and you must have read about some of my suggestions on other link building tutorials.


Some of the tips are discussed below, which will definitely help you to build high quality backlinks for your website in 2018:



Guest posting is one of the most amazing tip one can follow to get high quality backlinks manually. Guest posting refers to delivering content to other high ranked site for free of cost and in exchange you get the high-quality link for your site.


Therefore, mutual benefit can be gained by guest posting. To do guest posting, the foremost thing to be taken care of is finding appropriate sites to which free content is to be given.

For instance, if a company who is providing same niche of content you are providing, then most probably they will accept your offer.


However, some site owners do ask to be compensated. It’s now important more than ever before to review the sites and differentiate between sites meant for link building (link farms) and sites that link out naturally.


If you’re confused on what to do or how to handle your website SEO, you can outsource to certified quality digital marketers to help you building strong backlinks for your website.



Originally, every link on a webpage is directly linked to some page of another website. Since the websites keep on moving their content, a portion of their links got broken in the long run and then the webpage does not exist again.


When the viewer clicks on the link, they find the error that the webpage doesn’t exist. To fix the broken link is a great way to build important and valuable backlinks.

The process of fixing backlinks includes finding the broken links on another website, then distinguish the content that the link referred to and then providing the content related to that broken link.


It will help the site who has broken link and in exchange one will get the high quality backlinks.



Niche directory submission is one of the most critical tips for building high quality backlinks and it also helps to build solid SEO positioning.

Providing niche content means delivering content for the site that is either providing same niche content like you or you need to create the same niche content.


By doing this, the site probably accepts your content quickly and you will get the valuable backlinks very early.



Using question-answer site is one of the astounding SEO drift for 2018 to up rank the site, increase the traffic on the site and to make solid backlinks for your site.

These types of sites are most interactive and engaging. Utilizing your blog posts, site pages and links to reply to the queries that are significant is the best method to creating solid backlinks profile that’s well diversified.

The review and rating sites are also a good approach to increase the traffic on the site as people visit review pages before making any purchases.



Infographic content refers to the content, including pages. As we all know that visual content works the best to increase the traffic on the site. Visual content attracts the viewers and thus engagement tends to increase.


Infographics used to get shared quickly and so also they get mentions. Individuals love to refer Infographics instead of reading the full content.

Also, for the blogging purpose, people cut out the picture from your Infographics and thus in exchange you will get the backlinks that are rich in quality.



Uploading videos along with the content proves to be really effective to build high quality backlinks for the website. You-tube is the platform that had greatly helped many sites for making backlinks.


Making self-hosting videos and sharing them on social media channels will definitely help you up ranking your site and building great backlinks.

You can reclaim the links from the site that have used your video through YouTube.


For this, you need to go to the YouTube Analytics, and then log in to the Traffic sources. There you can find the sources that have inserted your video. You can reclaim from them to provide the links to your website into consideration.

You can run your YouTube URL link through the backlinks check software.



PBN is an acronym for private blog network in SEO parlance. It means creating multiples of blogs from different domain registrars and hosting providers with different names, making each of the sites unique as they are registered by different owners.


You’ll now build quality links to it and link to your website(s) from these sites(PBN network). It’s an effective methods but easier said than done. It requires huge budget and SEO skills to make it a success, if not, Google can penalize such site practicing this if caught.




So, these are some strategies or tips for building high-quality backlinks for your website and I’m sure you’ll want to take action and improve your website in SERP (Search engine results page)