Top 9 Must have & Most Downloaded Cool iphone Apps from Apple Store, Best Free & Paid Software

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the US and the world and their iPhone is not giving up to the huge market share of android smartphone. As android app store, play store is growing everyday, so the iPhone (iTunes) store, presently having over two million apps for download.

Although, more young and beginner programmer find it easier to start developing mobile app on the android OS than the iOS operating system, the achievement so far in the apple store app download has made app development companies to take this platform more serious than before.

Not only do we have the most downloaded apps of all time, having their iOS version, there are increasing number of free apps on apple iPhone app store, best apps and top iTunes app.

While we talk about these apps, the top 5 paid apps are games and other five are free, mostly, social networking applications. These are must have cool iPhone apps, some are in the top best iPhone apps of all time.

Skype enables you to start conversation with other Skype users irrespective of the device their using, android, iPhone, iPad etc, as long as they have the app on their phone. The application is free and it received the highest rating among other apps in its category for good app layout, easy navigation, good calling and video quality.

YouTube is the top, most used and the most popular video hosting website online; owned by the big G, Google inc.. Millions of people use the YouTube app everyday and there are millions of videos uploaded already.

Although, the app was on apple store before but Apple has removed of from their list. However, YouTube already have the iOS version of the app which users can download from the App Store.

Instagram started as a photo-sharing application for Apple devices. Today, the application is available for Android platform too! For iOS, Instagram remains one of the most downloaded app of all time when compared to others.

Instagram even launched a new feature that allows users to tag their friends in the picture. Also, If you’re a music enthusiast, you can get this amazing app, garageband for pc

Music is one thing that unites all, irrespective of language and location. Pandora is the all-time favorite for iOS users, and stands as one of the best platforms for streaming music.

Facebook retains the top spot even after several years in the industry. Users are addicted to the platform, and with the addition of new features that just keep coming from mark, just like the chat features, making Facebook users to carry out multitasking activities with ease.

Angry Birds
Although it is a paid app, Angry Birds Seasons collection is all-time favorite for many people. It is one game app that ladies love to have on their smartphone. Not only do kids enjoy it, but even the adults! The game developer has also added new features. To be just, I don’t like this app but many do.

Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope is a challenging game because the user will have to think before cutting the rope. In other words, it requires basic knowledge of Physics. To proceed to the next level, users have to solve puzzles and feed a monster.

Doodle Jump
This paid game app is fun, loving and addictive. The aim of the game is to travel high and travel far without colliding with the enemy. You control the Doodler by tilting the phone.

Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja is an excellent paid gaming app for iOS. Although the objective of the game is straightforward, it is addictive and allows users to enjoy his/her leisure time with mental recreational activities.