How to Increase Audience on FB, IG & Twitter

The evolution of the social media platforms and change in marketing approach

An average person spends almost 8 hours a day on social media as shown in studies.

What can be a better platform for selling your products?

Social media was created for the sole purpose of providing a platform for people so that they can interact worldwide.

Seeing the increasing trend of social media usage, some people took the opportunity and started using it to driving their businesses, both online and offline.

Social media is now been used more for creating awareness and bringing exposure to brands, products, and services and it is not a hidden fact that campaigns (ads), when done properly, spread like a wildfire on social media.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are the most common platforms for promoting businesses and with fewer costs.

The evolution of the social media platforms and change in marketing approach

Instagram for example, has been ranked as the most effective social media platform when it comes to promotions.

All you need to do is make an account and gain as many followers as you can.

If you’re just starting from scratch as a beginner, it might be a little to get good results, promoting your offer on Instagram; in fact, some folks could not break even in their investment but once you have enough followers, it becomes easy.

There are many ways in which you can gain Instagram followers fast on Instagram, and also on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You can always use the promotional ads, ask friends, family members, and those who you meet online to follow you on Instagram.

If you want to establish your business on social media, here are some guidelines you need to follow.


Be Active with your Account

Increasing your activities has many benefits. You need to be updating your post often so that your followers have much interest in you and increase their engagement with your post.

When they are now thinking of buying something you have in offer, your product/service is the first thing that comes to their minds.

Your posts do not always need to be business-related, and diversity is important here so that they don’t get blind to your update.

Talk about celebs, the latest trends about different professions, talk in a family tone, don’t get too formal with your updates, be funny, relate well with your followers as if you know them in real life.

It has been a common observation that Instagrammer that post two to three photos per day would be able to gain more followers as compared to those who don’t.

If you can’t meet up with this, there are sites and services you can use to schedule your update.


Try to Be Relevant

Remember, your followers have liked your page for a certain reason, and if they don’t get what they like, they are going to unfollow you soon. Never spam, followers will be bored to see the same thing repeatedly all the time.

If you want to advertise the same thing again, try to be creative in doing it, change your approach and presentation, add ‘color’ to your message, and use visuals with it to arouse their interest in reading your update.


Use Hashtags to multiply effects

The use of hashtags can be very helpful in increasing your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter followers.

Most of the people who use hashtags use it to be in the trend of an update but what they do not realize is that it is the key point to make the update go viral.

When you hashtag something, it is going to appear in the searches whenever a person is looking for it, for example, you use the hashtag ‘#techpally blog‘, now when a person is going to search for it, your post is going to appear too.

You can add creativity here by hashtagging popular words or keywords you know there are many people searching for it daily.


The Power of Communication

When a person is new to your page, he will be reluctant to order anything until he knows you are a trusted person.

Post every review you get. This will give confidence to the new follower and allow them to promote your page as well.

You can also reinforce people to leave a good review of your work.

This can be through delivering outstanding work, paying them, giving them giveaways, or adding extra benefits to their projects.