Tubidy Mobile Free Download Music Apps on Android

How to download music and video free online

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is a music and video search engine. It started as a mobile free media file download site but now offers varieties of apps to search songs and videos, stream and watch videos online, and also share.

Tubidy users upload audio and music videos, and when people search, it shows the media files already indexed, and anyone can stream videos from the Tubidy server on their mobile or desktop device.

While users can upload their media files in their original format and the content can be in any language, Tubidy can convert the files to different formats such as MP3, MP4, or 3GP and the language of the content.

To use Tubidy mobile search engine for download, visit the site, type the song or video title in the search bar, check through the result, and click on the download button beside the file, and the MP3 downloader will download your file.

You can also play Tubidy Mp3 Music Downloader on your computer with the GameLoop emulator and enjoy.


Tubidy Music Download Apps for Android Users

The beauty of the mobile device is that you can access content on the go. This is the reason businesses develop mobile apps for their customers to access their information anytime from anywhere.

The Android OS is very popular on mobile devices, and the Tubidy search engine site has developed various mobile apps for android users to stream their favorite music and videos online via the apps.

The following are the top Tubidy media file download apps on android devices.

How to download music and video free online


With iMusic, you can search your music video, and download it to your playlist. From there you can listen and watch your songs and videos on the app while offline.


Tubidy Mobile

Tubidy Mobile is a fantastic underground app you can install on your android smartphone, download trending videos, and also convert them into MP3 or MP4 music.

MP4 takes up less space and is compatible with most music and video editing software.

Tubidy Mobile app and other Tubidy apps use the database on the website, and android users can download music for free on their smartphone and enjoy.

Tubidy Mobile app is lightweight, less than 5MB, easy to use, and easy to convert videos to music for playback or ringtones.

Tubidy apps were once on Google Playstore but now, you can only download them as an apk file, and it’s available on app download sites.


Tubidy Music Downloader

Tubidy free music downloader is another free to download android app that allows you to download music from the Tubidy site.

You don’t have to convert videos to MP3 files, Tubidy Music downloader app does the job better as it downloads the video in MP3 format.

You can download this app as apk, search for any music album or artist, get the list of songs in the album or by the artist, and download. It saves songs in an MP3 file extension and the right folder and directory on your android phone.


Tubidy MP3 Music Download

Enjoy Tubidy’s free MP3 music downloads with this app on your Android devices.

Tubidy MP3 Music downloader does similar jobs to the previous app by downloading the music in MP3 format and making it compatible with your music player.

The tubidy MP3 download app has more features such as access to songs beyond the Tubidy site database.

Tubidy MP3 Music download app can also display the song lyrics to make it easier to learn the wordings of the song.


Tubidy Mobi App

The Tubidy Mobi app is my favorite of all the Tubidy apps. You can download all kinds of audio files from this app.

You can also download MP3 songs with Creative Common Licence and Copyleft Licence to your smartphone.

The Tubidy Mobi app allows you to search for an audio or video file, listen to it or watch it for a few seconds before you start to download or share it.

Tubidy Mobi app also supports more formats such as regular and compressed 3GP, MP3, and MP4.


Tubidy MP3

Tubidy MP3 is the last but not the least of Tubidy apps to search and download songs for free.

Tubidy MP3 allows you to search for songs with Creative Commons and Copyleft licenses like the Tubidy Mobi app.

You can search for songs using the song name, artist, or album name, and the result is delivered in a few seconds.

You can listen to a song or watch a video for a few seconds before you download it as well.



Tubidy is a search engine for MP3 and MP4 songs and music videos, and the contents are user-generated

Tubidy apps are easy to use, and you can perform the same tasks with them as you do on the Tubidy website or even better.

The above-mentioned Tubidy apps allow you to search over 50 million songs and videos on the Tubidy database and enjoy as you go.