How to Reduce Calorie intake to Lose weight without exercise using MyNetDiary App

Calorie Counter MyNetDiary is one of the best free calories counter apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

It’s an application built to help you burn fats in your body, and eat healthy foods that keep you active and fit.

Also, to assist you on your weight loss journey, with suggestions to help reduce the number of calories you take in your diet.


MyNetDiary is the ideal fast food calorie counter app for keep you fit and healthy.

You will be able to accomplish your weight loss goal if you understand your diet better.

The calculation of the nutrients in your food is done. Suggestions on healthy meals with fewer calories and cholesterol are given.

This app has been proven right helping millions of users especially to lose weight with a planned diet and exercise only.

It is not today that it has been proved that one can lose so many pounds with the appropriate foods and regular exercise towards burning fats.

MyNetDiary fitness app is also recognized in the American journal of preventive medicine as one of the best diet mobile apps when evaluated alongside its contemporaries.

Once you install the app, register an account and you get access to their comprehensive food database which includes fast foods, personalized diets, local foods, and continental dishes.

You can search for a food label or suggest food entries for inclusion in the food catalog.

It’s not only an app for counting calories and carbs only, you can also track your food to regulate fats intake, sugar, and cholesterol.

You can now begin to take more vitamins and minerals.

You also get some third-party services like Google fit, Fitbit tracker, Garmin tracker, body scale, Blood pressure monitor, activity tracker, and so on.

Not only it’s for food tracking, but you can also track your daily distance covered with feet to show how active you’re.

So also the amount of water and other liquid substance you take daily, body glucose level, and heart rate.

Others are the number of hours you spend daily resting or sleeping, blood pressure, and some other contributory factors to weight gain and weight loss.

With the MyNetDiary calories counting app, you can set a weight loss target to be achieved on a specific date.

The number of pounds you intend to lose within the specific date in relative to your age, gender, height, weight, body mass index, etc.

The app would analyze your input and recommend rich foods with macro and micro nutrients and balanced carbs, protein, and good fat.

One of the things that made this app great is the fact that it provides daily and weekly reports analyzing your performance.

It will also suggest the necessary things to do to achieve your fitness goal with health coaching and fitness advice.

You can as well get help from their online community, and private groups, where you converse with dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, and other individuals.

Thinking of the best calorie counting and exercise fitness app, join the league of over 5,000,000 users and download the latest version on your android.

It also works on iPhone and iPad with superb graphic design and illustrative charts to make analysis very comprehensible