How to unmask, check and Reveal a Private Number Calling you with Identifier Apps

It feels embarrassing sometimes when a caller hides his Caller ID when calling you.

How can you now unmask such such phone number? There’s hype about *67 code but it does not work.

This code will not reveal the phone caller that’s hiding his identity from you.

But here is another way to find out a private number that’s calling you using mobile apps.

Whoscall is a Private Caller Identifier app that reveal a private caller actual number.

Whoscall is good at identifying private number and blocking unwanted calls.

The free private call identifier app protects you from abuse arising from unwanted calls and promotional SMS.

If you get lots of promotional SMS from your network providers, and its affiliates, then you need whoscall.

You’ll be able to identify incoming calls that are not from your contact list and SMS from unknown mobile number.

Whoscall private number identifier can be set to block calls and SMS that are not coming from your phone contact.

All those short codes services, SMS adverts can be easily avoided and trash immediately.

However, whoscall can not work on all android phones and it requires android 4.2 or above before it can work.

It could also drain your battery and fail to block some SMS or MMS especially if you’re using third party message app as your default Message.

TrueCaller : Caller ID & Dialer is another private number announcer mobile app developed by True Software Scandinavia AB.

Truecaller reveals the identity of the unknown caller and also function as call control app with feature to block unwanted calls or spam calls.

Truecaller private call identifier gets to know the identity of the private caller with hundreds of millions of spam-calls database just like whoscall.

However, truecaller will not only reveal the name but also the photo of the caller, but in rare cases.

It does not matter whether the private caller is on your phone contact list, in as much truecaller has data about the caller.

This app would make you enjoy the call experience especially when it identifies your friend’s call.

One super thing it does is that, it can reveal the user/ owner of any mobile number even when the person didn’t call.

If for instance you want to track the user of a phone number or get to know about an unknown person, you just get his/her number

Then you just copy from anywhere to the app to get the identity.

Download Truecaller and enjoy real private call tracker app which is also used as call dialer.

Here, calls can be made directly from the app but you need to be connected to the internet to get the identity of the private caller.

There’s so much improvement in the latest version 7.7 and hope to see more in the future.

However, it does not work on android below 4.0 version.

This app requires sign up and verification process which means the app can access your phone number and message unit.

This is a bit of concern as many people speculated that it could parse into one’s information and store it in its database in order to increase its power to have access to the most phone numbers.

Hiya – Caller ID & Block App is a good call blocker and private call announcer developed by Hiya.

It’s not different from the previous caller ID identifier apps mentioned above.

But it’s a very good call and sms security app which enables you to specify short codes and phone numbers to block from sending messages and calls to you.

You can also blacklist phone numbers from advertisers and marketers.

Hiya – caller ID  Block app is free to download and use without any annoying ads and still works great.

The developer claimed there are over one hundred million database of mobile phone number already.

And their objective is to add more so as to keep private callers away, detect messages with malware and viruse.

And to be able to alert you on calls from spammers and robocalls.